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US Department of Education Awards Schools for Eco-Friendly Activities

In order to promote eco-friendly activities among students, the US Department of Education hosts Green Ribbon School awards to acknowledge schools that take efforts to promote recycling. This year, these awards were handled by the Illinois State Board of Education. Many schools were considered for the nominations of these awards; however, the officials from the Illinois State Board finalized three of them for the award.

The Finalists for the Eco-Friendly Activities

The three schools that were shortlisted as the finalists for this award are located in Central Illinois. Two of these schools belong to the River Trails School District 26, which is based in the Mount Prospect region. These schools are Euclid Elementary School and Indian Grove. The third finalist for the awards is the Prairieview-Ogden South Elementary School that is located in the central part of Illinois.

Eco-Friendly Activities in Schools Promote Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

According to Lyndl Schuster, the Assistant Superintendent of District 26’s business services, schools play an important role in promoting eco friendly promotional items like eco friendly bags among the students. The fact that two of the district’s schools have been recognized for their eco-friendly activities makes Schuster extremely proud of the District’s schools, and she is glad that schools in her region are making effort to educate their students on the importance of recycling.

All the schools that have been chosen as the finalists for the awards have unique eco-friendly policies for the students. Some of these schools have innovative systems to reduce wastage of their resources. For instance, one of these schools has an occupancy sensor that automatically switches off the lights in an empty room. Furthermore, in one of the schools, the bathrooms are a paper-less zone.

One of these schools has also taken up the initiative of creating a community garden in the center of the school premises. According to Schuster, one of the parents suggested the idea of a community garden within the school. She stated that this idea is a good way of promoting eco-friendly values among the students, and she is going to promote it in the other schools of the District as well.

The organizers of these awards are happy to see that schools in the US have innovative techniques of reusing and saving their resources. They feel that acknowledging the efforts of these schools will help them in formulating more effective eco-friendly strategies that could probably be used by other organizations as well.


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