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When in Davis, Use Plain Non Woven Bags

Once the ban is implemented in the city, the use of lightweight plastic bags, will be strictly prohibited

With a growing number of cities and counties going green, Davis too has decided to keep a check on the usage of plastic bags in the city. It has in fact, become Sacramento’s first community to pass a ban on plastic bags. With the ban coming into effect soon, shoppers here will have no option but to carry their own reusable bags while shopping. In case they forget to get their stylish tote bags or plain non woven bags, they will be liable to pay a fine of up to 10 cents per bag they use. This may not seem like a huge amount, but imagine the kind of money you would lose out on an yearly basis if you do not carry reusable bags?

Plastic Restrictions Come into Effect If Not Using Plain Non-Woven Bags

Once the ban is implemented in the city, the use of lightweight plastic bags, will be strictly prohibited. The paper bags made available by the stores will need to have a minimum of 40 percent of recycled material. The eco-conscious shoppers who already carry their own reusable bags while buying groceries will not have to make any changes in their habits. However, the ones who don’t, might take some time to get used to the new habit.

The city authorities believe that by banning the use of non-recyclable bags, the amount of plastic waste generated in the city each year will be reduced. Also, the chances of animals and birds mistakenly eating harmful plastic bags will be brought down. However, not everyone is happy to learn about this eco-friendly adjustment. Mark Daniel, associated with the American Progressive Bag Alliance believes that its just the unfounded statistics and myths that have been used to support ban on plastic bags. He added that while manufacturing of plastic bags takes 70 percent less energy than paper bags, they also have less greenhouse effect compared to paper or cloth bags.

People Are Getting Used to Carrying Plain Non-Woven Bags

While the topic is always open for debate, the residents of Davis do not have much of a option than to stock on reusable bags. They can however, choose from plenty of options like jute bags, printed reusable bags or plain non woven bags. Also they have quite some time to get used to the habit of carrying reusable bags with them every time they are out for shopping.




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