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Either Use Reusable Bags or Recycle Custom Printed Plastic Bags

use reusable bags or recycle plastic bags

The school students of Newburyport have decided to take a stand against the use of plastic bags. Middle, charter and high school students have signed petitions seeking a ban on plastic bags in the city. The students brought to light several ways in which plastic bags are detrimental to the environment and use up valuable non-renewable resources. They are working to urge people to recycle custom printed plastic bags.

Students Take the Lead with Reusable Bags

Almost a dozen students organized a presentation before the city councilors asking them to pass a measure to limit the use of plastic bags. The effort was spearheaded by Janine Looker, a resident of the city, who believes that by limiting the use of plastic bags, communities can have cleaner waters and grounds.

Nock Middle School’s Sarah Robinson said that 105 students at her school had signed a petition to ban plastic bags and Newburyport High School’s Lauren Healey told councilors that 150 students had signed the petition from her school. River Valley Charter school’s students gave a presentation to the council explaining that their school too is working towards the cause. Other student speakers were Cam Dunn, Caroline Link, Clara Brandt, Julia Tiernan, Abbi Moore, Sydney Todd, Fiona Hill and Lea Petty.

The students explained that plastic bags are deadly to marine life, especially whales. They added that the energy used to produce the billions of plastic bags used annually by the US exhausts large amounts of fossil fuels.

The councilors were supportive of the initiative being taken by the students. They stated that new regulations need to go to the city committee and will be discussed by its councilors. Subsequently the bill will be passed to the council floor, where the final decision will be taken.

Responsibly Recycle Custom Printed Plastic Reusable Bags

Most of us don’t remember to carry our own reusable bag and end up using plastic bags. So, the best thing to do is to keep a few reusable bags within your reach, in cars, at work, in purses, in the garage, behind the entrance. You will be surprised by how useful they can turn out to be.

Apart from responsibly recycling custom printed plastic bags, limit your need for them. Carry your own bag, return the plastic bags to stores or donate them to animal shelters.

Recycling is easy. You can begin recycling plastic bags by simply reusing the ones you have accumulated. Use them to line garbage bins, for packaging or providing a soft padding around fragile items, for packaging dirty shoes and soiled clothes, as shower caps, line cat pans with them or get creative and use them in making crafts, and so on. Once you begin, you’ll find plenty of uses.


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