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Impact of Discount Custom Bags in Ventura County

ventura county discount custom bags

Even though many cities and counties have adopted bans on plastic bags, there are many experts who feel that a complete ban on plastic bags has its own side-effects. According to a few experts, the belief that single-use plastic bags are not reused by the customers is a myth, and so banning them on the basis of their one-time usage is not right.

Discount Custom Bags Reused by Customers

Most of the cities and counties within the US have banned plastic bags stating that they are used for a limited number of times, and then disposed into the waste disposal bins. The sponsors of reusable bag ordinances have stated that since reusable bags can be reused by residents for a long period of time, they are beneficial for the environment. But many experts state that even plastic bags are reused several times before they are disposed, so they shouldn’t be banned on the basis of this factor.

Impact of Discount Custom Bags

According to the law in Ventura County, before the implementation of the plastic bag ban, the retailers were supposed to keep a recycling bin outside their shops so that the residents could dispose their plastic bags in them. Even though the retailers had to spend additional money to get these bags recycled, with the help of the process, fewer plastic bags were disposed into the landfill.

But with the introduction of the ban, and with the promotion of discount custom bags, 40 percent of the grocery bags have been replaced with paper bags, and close to 60 percent of the bags have been replaced with reusable bags. Among the paper bags that are used by the residents, only half of them are recycled, and the rest are disposed into the landfill. Among reusable bags, cotton and jute bags are not recycled in the region. So once the bags are worn out, all of them are disposed into the landfills as well.

Both paper and reusable bags weigh higher than plastic bags, and when they are disposed into the landfill, they occupy a considerable amount of space as well. By implementing the single-use plastic bag ban, the city council has achieved the goal of reducing the plastic in the landfills. But the landfills are still filling up at a steady rate, and they are over-burdened with the weight of paper and reusable bags made out of thick cloth.

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