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Waco Changes its Recycling System

waco municipality changes recycling system

Taking into consideration the increasing costs of collecting waste from the residents within the city, Waco municipality has decided to change its waste collection cycle from every week to once in two weeks. From December 31, the domestic curbside recycling will happen every alternate week. The officials stated that they have decided to make this change as the increasing collection costs are impacting the city’s overall expenses.

The New Curbside Recycling System

In the new curbside recycling system, the residents will have the option to dispose their wastes every alternative week. To prepare the residents for the upcoming change, the city officials are changing the recycling carts within the city. The new carts will have the capacity to hold 95 gallons of waste material and will be green in color. To promote the new change, the city officials are also ready to supply these large carts during yard sales.

Waco City – Encouraging Eco-Friendly Promotional Items and Recycling

Statistically, at present, around 28.5 percent of the residents in the Waco city participate in recycling activities. These figures have progressively been increasing. Last year, the city council was successful in reducing approximately 2,619 tons of waste from the landfills. This year the city aims to improve these figures by at least 12 percent.

The City’s Future Plans on Recycling System

Even though at present the city officials are changing the recycling carts within the city limits, the city council plans on changing its recycling set-up completely in the future. The council of the city is making efforts to establish a waste-to-energy plant. To get the proposed idea into action, it is looking for some private investors.

In the waste-to-energy plant, the city will be able to reclaim majority of its waste materials. Through this plant, the city will be able to convert organic waste, like paper and food, into bio fuel. Additionally, if the necessary technology is made available to them, the plastic waste could also be converted into some form of fuel or other eco friendly promotional items.

Larry Groth, the City Manager, stated that the city council is hoping to find a private investor who would be able to help them in this project. He confesses that according to reports, the landfill waste within the city has the potential to meet half its energy requirements. If such a plant is put into place, without any subsidy from the city council, the Waco city residents will benefit from it to a large extent.


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