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Reusable Wholesale Retail Bags Challenge in Waltham

waltham reusable wholesale retail bag challenge

MY ECO – the organization focused on protecting the environment from harm, has introduced one and a half million dollar challenge to schools in the vicinity, supermarkets, and society in general. The challenge is to promote the utilization of reusable bags at checkout counters in supermarkets. As of now, Shaw’s Supermarkets is the first of its kind to join the endeavor.

Eco-Friendly Challenge Organized by ‘MY ECO’ With Reusable Wholesale Retail Bags

Through its new program that has been introduced in several cities including Waltham, MY ECO aims at minimizing the use of single use plastic bags so as to reduce the strain on the environment. According to this unique initiative, local schools or charities will receive donations from retailers as an incentive and reward to customers who carry their own reusable bags.

According to MY ECO estimations, 500 schools and 50,000 shoppers are expected to participate in the challenge this year. These shoppers will earn donations for a school or charity of their choice by simply carrying along their own bags when they go shopping. The amount of donation will be calculated by the retailer based on the number of disposable bags that were kept out of landfills, due to the customer’s decision of opting for a reusable bag.

The system revolves around the app for mobiles called ‘Count Change’ and a sequence of Quick Response Identification Codes (QRID), unique to each retailer. Any store that joins the program can get a QRID code. Each shopper will also have a unique barcode that is to be scanned at the counter when they reject a single-use bag. The system will then automatically calculate the incentive and the reward amount as well as the donation will be made directly to the supported cause. Shoppers will have a personal reuse account to track the difference they have made to society through their decision to stay away from single-use bags and their donations.

Kristen Brown – the president of MY ECO stated that recycling containers, distribution of free bags, or a price levied on disposable bags wasn’t enough to make people opt for reusable bags. She further added that constant awareness programs, financial rewards, functional alternatives, and positive reinforcement were crucial for the success of a recycling program. MY ECO is sure to bring about a change through this approach.

Why Reusable Wholesale Retail Bags?

Plastic bags and paper bags are generally used only once, after which they end up in garbage bins. From here, they make their way to landfills where they last for ages since plastic does not disintegrate completely and paper takes years to decompose when covered by other waste. During this timeframe, harmful gases are released into the environment. Disposable bags cause great harm to the environment.

Reusable wholesale retail bags are a better option since they are made of recyclable material. These bags can be used at least 75 times and are definitely more durable than single-use bags. In addition, they are easy to carry around and look more fashionable than disposable bags.

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