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Watertown Supports Reusable Bags

watertown supports reusable bags

Watertown, an industrial town by the banks of river Charles in eastern Massachusetts is fast emerging as a clean and green city. The eco-friendly initiatives undertaken by the citizens groups like the Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice & the Environment is dedicated to focused approaches on how to tackle environmental issues. Rethink Plastic is one such initiative that has brought forth the damaging effects of single use plastic on Watertown.

Residents Ready to Ditch Plastic Bags and Get Reusable Bags Instead

Plastic has become more of a bane for the environment as it continues choking the drainage systems and recycling equipment across cities. The blot on the landscape can be observed across the streets, fences and the Charles river in Watertown.

A survey conducted by Rethink Plastic, a group comprising of Watertown residents that is actively involved in finding ways to reduce pollution levels and finding alternatives to counter the menace of plastic induced pollution. Although recycling may seem like an appealing way to reuse plastic bags, the environmental impact they have is irremediable as the single use plastics are hard to recycle.

Much of the plastic waste is dumped in landfills where it degenerates into toxic additive that slowly merges with and contaminates the soil. Of the 82 respondents who took the survey 63 percent people were found to be using reusable bags on a regular basis. Not remembering to carry a reusable bag on a shopping trip to a supermarket was found to be the main reason behind not using the reusable bags frequently. About 78 percent of the respondents favored a ban on the use of plastic bags while only 11 percent supported its continued usage.

The 2nd annual litter pick-up campaign that was held from April 26 until May 3 saw the residents of Watertown picking up litter and waste meant for recycling. The residents of Watertown were involved in a similar initiative this year when they converged at various spots along the Charles river to take part in a clean-up program. This program was a part of the annual Earth Day Charles River cleanup.

How Collective Usage of Wholesale Reusable Bags Can Help

The use of reusable bags is credited with bringing down the usage of single use plastic bags worldwide. Reusable bags are a cost-effective alternative to the plastic bags that consumes non-renewable resources during its production, distribution and collection. A collective initiative to switch from plastic bags to reusable bags will effectively lower the demand for plastic bags.

Wholesale reusable bags are a feasible option for businesses transitioning from the use of single use plastic bags to a more eco-friendly option. These bags are available in a variety of woven and non-woven materials like canvas, jute, hemp, bamboo and polyester cotton. These eco-friendly bags can have myriad uses as they can be taken along for shopping or simply to ferry things from one place to another. A woven fabric bag or a tote bag can be customized with eye-catching designs and logos to help promote a business in an eco-friendly manner.


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