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White Plains Residents to Get Free Reusable Bags Designed by Student

white plains reusable bags designed

Residents of White Plains city in New York will soon be provided with wholesale reusable bags for free by the city officials. All the bags will sport a logo, which was designed by student from White Plains High School. Max Crawley’s design will be printed on all the reusable bags that will be sold in the city malls and stores. All this is part of the Reusable Shopping Bag Initiative that the city’s retailers have started this year.

Delayed Shipment of Bags in White Plains Might Arrive after the 10th of October

The shipment of these reusable bags, however, has been delayed by a few days. So the city officials weren’t able to give away the bags in the first week of October. Officials in the Mayor’s office hope that the shipment of reusable totes will arrive sometime after October 10th, and hope to give away the bags from Thursday to Sunday of that week.

Effort to Encourage Usage of Wholesale Reusable Bags in White Plains

The entire Reusable Shopping bag Initiative is part of the city officials’ effort to motivate the residents to utilize reusable totes instead of plastic covers and paper bags. It has been found that plastic bags are used by people for an average of twelve minutes before being disposed, and the bags takes over thousand odd years to disintegrate in the landfills. Also, it has been found by the Environmental Protection Agency that over a million plastic bags are utilized each day in the United States of America.

White Plains Retailers Encourage the Reusable Bag Initiative

Retailers such as Stop & Shop, ShopRite, Wal-Mart, Target and Whole Foods met with the White Plains city council and public, in order to develop this initiative sometime last fall. After this meeting, the city launched the reusable tote design competition among the high school students of White Plains, which Max Crawley won in May this year.

The winning design has been printed on over thousand reusable totes, which will be handed out to residents in the city and to the participating retailers as well. City officials feel that the reusable totes will be the ‘must have’ item once they are delivered to the residents.

Speaking about the bag design, Mayor Thomas Roach said that it conveys the intention of White Plains to become an eco-friendly city. Since the goal of the city’s environmental board has been to reduce the amount of plastic bags used, the reusable bags initiative is receiving support from all sides.


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