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Save Money and Calories With our Wholesale Cotton Cooler Bags!

customizable wholesale cotton cooler bags

Packing your lunch everyday is a great way to save both money and calories. The average person who eats out everyday can expect to spend at least fifty extra dollars a week compared to someone who brings their lunch with them to school or work. Also, making your own food gives you control over what you want to put in your body, when you’re not in a starved mindset that wants you to reach for something greasy. The problem with many traditional lunch boxes is that if you put the contents in during the morning, by the time lunch rolls around what you have waiting for you is a congealed mess. To solve this problem, Custom Earth Promos offers wholesale cotton cooler bags. The wholesale cotton cooler bags are six and a half inches wide, eleven inches high, and five inches deep, made from strong material to support heavier contents and carry large items. The wholesale cotton cooler bags are reusable, made from ten-ounce organic cotton, processed using eco responsible methods, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to many other cooler bags available at major retailers. The bag is designed to be durable for long term use, and has a Velcro closure to protect contents from falling out.

Promote Your Eco-Friendly Company with Wholesale Cotton Cooler Bags

At Custom Earth Promos, we strive to make not only the highest quality products possible, but also products that meet the highest possible environmental standards. The wholesale cotton cooler bags are a great example of this, and make a great promotional item to show your clients your commitment to the environment. With a generous four and a half by five inch imprint area on both sides of the bag, you can be sure that your logo will have maximum visibility, making it a great item to continually promote your business without any added effort from you. Call Custom Earth Promos directly to inquire about wholesale pricing on our wholesale cotton cooler bags or any of our other great promotional items!

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