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Wait till March to Use Wholesale Eco-friendly Shopping Bags in Great Barrington

great barrington wholesale eco-friendly shopping bags

All the eco-friendly lovers in Great Barrington, who have been eager to flaunt their ‘green’ bags will have to wait a little longer as the plastic bag ban has been postponed till March. Earlier, this ban was supposed to come into effect from January 1 but now it has been delayed to March. According to Mark Pruhenski, Board of Health Director, this delay will help grocery stores in stopping the usage of plastic bags for handing out items at their checkout counters.

Delay in the Eco-Friendly Implementation of Ban

Under this ban, grocery stores will not be allowed to make plastic bags available to their customers at the check-out counters. But Pruhenski said that the stores were not yet prepared for the ban so the decision of postponing the ban was taken. He also mentioned that this delay has been made to ensure that the end result turns out much better.

Violators of the ban will be fined for distributing plastic bags at the counters. This amount can vary between $50 and $200. However there will be exceptions which include thin-film plastic bags that are used for covering produce meat, dry cleaning, wet items, bulk foods, newspapers, and other similar items.

It was during the town meeting of May, when voters approved the article which talked about banning the production as well as distribution of one-time use plastic bags in the town. The potential harm that these bags cause to the environment and the fact that they biodegrade slowly were said to be the main reasons for implementing the ban.

Wholesale Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags Already in Use

However there are some stores that have already implemented this eco-friendly practice and have given up on plastic bags. Guido’s Fresh Marketplace is one such store that gave up on plastic bags in July itself. Berkshire Co-Op is another store that is maintaining distance from plastic bags. Apart from that, both these stores also charge a fine on their customers who ask for paper bags from the store. All this is being done to make sure that customers get into the habit of carrying wholesale eco-friendly shopping bags while coming out to shop. Most of the residents of the town are also well aware of the environmental hazards of plastic bags and are trying their best in supporting the ban.


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