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Wholesale Reusable Bags Will Help Residents of New York to Deal With the Plastic Bag Ban

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Influenced by the plastic bag bans in many US cities, New York too is trying hard to make sure that people in the city stop using plastic bags. According to the recent bill announced in the city, the grocery and retail store owners will have to charge their customers a minimum of 10 cents for every plastic bag their customers ask for. The stores can charge this amount either as a tax or as a fee on plastic bags.

New York Trying Its Best to Stay Green by Using Wholesale Reusable Bags

This is not the first time that New York is taking steps to ensure that the city remains green and clean. The existing plastic bag ban law in the city requires stores that offer plastic bags to their customers to stock recyclable bags as well as to accept clean plastic bags from their customers and send it for recycling. This law applies to all shopping malls, large retail stores as well as medium and large chain stores in the city. This law was brought into force in January 2009.

According to official records, every year, people of New York use more than 5 billion plastic bags. 100,000 of these bags make their way to the landfills causing an expense of around $10 million every year to the government.

Wholesale Reusable Bags Has Been Helping New Yorkers

Most of the people of New York are well aware of the problems caused by plastic bags. They very well know that single-use plastic bags are not biodegradable and stay in the environment forever, leading to serious environmental threats. This has made most of them go the eco friendly way by opting for recyclable and wholesale reusable bags. Most of the people in New York have made it a habit to carry their reusable bags like cloth bags, canvas bags, totes, and so on while shopping for groceries and other supplies.

But this does not mean that the new announcement by the city officials will be welcomed by all. The officials are expecting opposition on the new plastic bag tax announcement. This opposition is likely to come from retailers, restaurateurs and advocates of families that fall in the low income category. Some of the consumers have also been showing their disapproval on the announcement saying that they need plastic bags for disposing garbage and for carrying their lunch boxes.


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