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How Wholesale Reusable Shopping Bags will Help LA

la wholesale reusable shopping bags

Another city that decided to go a tad more eco-friendly with the start of 2014 was Los Angeles. January 1 not only saw the residents of the city welcoming the new year with pomp and joy, but also many of them were seen carrying wholesale reusable shopping bags to take home their groceries. Now that the ban on plastic bags is in place in the city, the residents don’t really have any option but to carry reusable bags. But they are not complaining about this change.

Plastic Problems Fixed by Wholesale Reusable Shopping Bags

Of course, not all the shoppers will remember carrying reusable bags every time they go out to shop. In fact, it can get quite difficult for them to comply with the ban initially. But with time, they are sure to make it a habit of carrying reusable bags with them rather than opting for paper bags that can be availed for some 5 cents from the stores.

Embracing this small change can make LA a much better city to live in. It will get a lot cleaner and greener as there won’t be plastic bags flying around the streets of the city or stuck in the bushes and trees. Also, the beaches will again turn into a place where you can actually have a good time rather than finding plastic bags under your feet. Plastic bags that make it to the ocean water end up being eaten by marine animals which in turn harm them and even lead to death at times. A report by the Times revealed that the dangers related to decomposing plastic waste are lot more grave than previously was considered to be the case by scientists. So putting an end on plastic bags itself will help to a great extent in solving these problems.

The Fight Between Wholesale Reusable Shopping Bags and Plastic Bags

Apart from harming wildlife, plastic bags also hinder the cycle of nature. Moreover, they take forever to decompose which mean that every time you use a plastic bag, you are actually making the whole earth pay for it. Wholesale reusable shopping bags, on the other hand, can be used several times and are recyclable. They are strong too.

To make sure that you do not forget your reusable bag while going out for shopping, you can place a few in your car. This way even if you forget to carry one, you can make use of the one in your car. Using a reusable bag may seem like a small step but it means a lot for nature when people collectively follow this habit.

The majority of LA residents are happy with the plastic bag ban. With their collective efforts, the city is sure to become increasingly green. Does your city have a plastic bag ban?


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