All the US cities that have introduced the plastic bag ban in their premises have stressed on the fact that reusable bags are eco-friendly in nature, and so they should be used as a replacement for plastic bags. Experts feel that reusable bags can help shoppers save a considerable amount of money, especially since all the other types of bag need to be purchased in all the US cities after the bans.

Advantages of Using Wholesale Reusable Shopping Bags

According to the plastic bag ban, all the retailers are required to charge the customers an additional amount of 5 cents if they choose to use paper bags for their groceries or other shopping needs. On the other hand, if the shoppers bring their own reusable bag to the store, the retailers have to give them a 5 cent discount on their total bill.

Since no limit has been specified on the number of bag discounts a shopper can get during one transaction, especially in outlets like Target and Lowes Foods, the residents can use reusable bags to get decent discount on their overall bill. Nonetheless, the shoppers have to use the reusable bags reasonably, and they can't use one reusable bag for one commodity.

Shops That Support Wholesale Reusable Shopping Bags

There are many shops that support wholesale reusable shopping bags, and they have formulated their policies keeping these bags in mind. For instance, in stores such as Trader Joe's, the shoppers are allowed to use a reusable bag only when they purchase items worth $25. Furthermore, there are some stores that require the shoppers to purchase very expensive commodities in order to get the reusable bag discount. On the other hand, at stores like Whole Foods, the shoppers get a 10 cent discount for bringing their own reusable bags to the store.

Some Stores Don't Follow the Wholesale Reusable Shopping Bags Discount

Even though some stores promote reusable bags, there are others that don't give the shoppers any discount for using their own reusable bags. Stores like Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and Fresh Market follow this policy. So if the shoppers want to get substantial discounts on their purchases, by using reusable bags, they need to choose the right the store. This is because some stores require the shoppers to purchase high-value commodities in order to receive reusable bag discounts, while others don't believe in this discount system itself.