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Why to Switch to Seed Paper

why switch to seed paper

Make the Switch to Seed Paper

In this day and age of all things green, using paper and paper products that are infused with wildflower seeds for growing is a great idea. The basic seed-infused paper is hand-made out of recycled materials and can be used to create other products. Seeded paper products are ideal for promotional purposes and are utilized by individuals as well as businesses of all sizes.

Stock sheets of seed paper are normally 8.5″ x 11″ which is standard computer paper size. Each piece of the paper contains real wildflower seeds and the entire piece of paper can be planted in the ground.

The convenience offered by these seeded sheets of paper makes it easy for anyone to plant beautiful wildflowers. Among the types of wildflower seeds that are included with the standard seed mix are catchfly, English daisy, baby blue eyes and corn poppy.

If desired, customized seed mixes using other varieties of seeds are available.

Seeded paper comes in more than 20 colors including a range of light pastel and neutral hues. The eco-friendly ink that is used does not contain harmful chemicals and it does not damage the seeds or the soil into which the paper is planted.


A large assortment of items made from seeded paper are now available for purchase. These include greeting and all-purpose cards, invitations, business cards, tags, postcards, bookmarks, journals, door hangers, calendars, coasters, envelopes, cup coolers and bottle neckers.

Seeded paper and seeded paper products make excellent gifts for almost any type of occasion. Whether it be for a child’s birthday or graduation, a wedding, anniversary, retirement or holiday gift, these products are always well-received.

When seeded paper gifts are given the recipients instantly become aware of the giver’s awareness of and commitment to supporting environmental causes.

Many people say that they would like to plant wildflowers but they do not have the time to devote the effort required to plant them. With these sheets of seeded paper the process becomes streamlined and requires very little time or effort to accomplish.

In addition to regular-style seed paper, a smoother version of white seeded paper is available as is printable seeded paper. No matter which types of seeded paper or seeded paper products are chosen the consumer can rest assured that the prices will be very reasonable.

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