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Winner Declared of the Recycling Bowl

Results of the Keep America Beautiful Recycle Bowl Were Recently Announced

The results of the Keep America Beautiful Recycle Bowl were recently announced. The school that got the top position for its recycling efforts was Pleasantville Middle School. Considering the national results of the recycling bowl, it was announced that Pleasantville Middle School also managed to win the second spot in the country. The recycling contest which saw the participation of 1500 schools from the nation was a success.

Pleasantville School Shines at the Recycling Bowl

Pleasantville received the Rising Star award for its eco-friendly effort in the program. This award was handed over to the school by Department of Environmental Protection at the New Jersey Recycling Symposium and Awards Luncheon.

Pleasantville Middle School has around 800 students. Together these students threw in a great performance and managed to collect around 38, 000 pounds of recyclable material. The students were guided by a team of 12 selected student leaders. This group of 12 student leaders encouraged all the students to participate in the recycling program and help the environment. They also made other students understand the importance of eco-friendly habits. This effort was carried on by the students for a period of three years.

One of the teachers of the school, Liza Levitt-Tighe said that the school has always been open to promoting green sense among the students. She said that whatever funds were raised by the school through bake sales and another program called Box Tops for Education were used for making a purchase of hundred recycling bins. These bins were then placed in the classrooms of the school.

12 of the selected student leaders collected the recyclables placed in the bins thrice every week. This effort was teased and taunted by other students initially. But as the students started understanding the importance of recycling, they started adding recyclables in the box. Educational material was also passed among the students to educate them about the importance and need of recycling.

Promoting Green Sense at the Recycling Bowl with Eco-Friendly Items

Children are the future of a nation and need to be taught the right ways in which they can help the environment. Recycling is one such habit that can help students in keeping their house as well as city clean and pollution free. Parents and teachers should encourage this habit in children. Eco friendly promotional items can also be used to make children aware about the problems of environment and what they can do to prevent anymore damage.


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