The Mayor's Recycling Contest was introduced with the view of promoting recycling and waste reduction. The largest and the smallest cities in Cherokee County were named winners in this year's challenge. Woodstock collected the largest amount of recyclable material, on the whole while Waleska got together the most recyclable material, per capita.

Woodstock Shines Bright at the Recycling Contest

This year's ‘Mayor's Recycling Challenge' was sponsored by the Going Green Committee of the Chamber of Commerce in Cherokee County and the winners were announced during September's ‘Good Morning Cherokee Breakfast' of the Chamber.

The city of Woodstock shone bright with an amazing collection of 421,286 pounds of recycling material. However, the City of Waleska topped the list when the population of the cities was taken into consideration. It recorded a per capita collection averaging at 32.8 pounds of recyclable waste, per resident based on its population of 644 according to the 2010 U.S. Census figures.

On the basis of volume, Woodstock was followed by Canton whose collection amounted to Two Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand, Six Hundred and Sixty pounds - a little more than half of Woodstock's collection. That was followed by Holly Springs with a collection of Eighty Two Thousand, Three Hundred and One pounds, Ball Ground with Thirty Two Thousand, Three Hundred and Thirty One pounds, Waleska with Twenty One Thousand, Three Hundred and Thirty Five pounds and Nelson with Four Thousand and One pounds. The cities together recorded an accumulation of 786,914 pounds of recyclable waste, amounting to more than twice the amount collected in last year's challenge.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Woodstock had a population of 23,903 which was over thirty seven times the population of Waleska and stood at a head count of 644. Thus, Waleska's per capita collection was the highest at 32.8 pounds per inhabitant. Waleska was followed by Ball Ground at 22.2 pounds per resident, Woodstock at 17.3 pounds per resident and Canton at 9.5 pounds per resident. At the bottom of the list were Holly Springs with 8.8 pounds per capita and Nelson with 3 pounds per capita.

Bringing a 'Greener' Change by Having a Recycling Contest

Businesses play a vital role in bringing about a green change. If every business switches to eco friendly measures of production and operation, the environment will surely benefit from it tremendously. The use of eco friendly promotional items by businesses will also help to create awareness among the masses, thereby quickening the possibility of a greener planet by promoting a sustainable lifestyle among people. Sponsoring or organizing events that promote recycling, waste reduction and general awareness with regard to environmental issues will also go a long way in developing an eco friendly approach to simple day to day activities among people and improve the functioning of various industries.