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Your Daily Reusable Options

daily reusable options

Disposable items take up the most space in all our homes – Whether that includes plastic bags, Tupperware or paper towels. Since it’s easy to just use and throw, and also because disposable items are so easily available, most of us don’t even realize how much we consume, how much we spend on such items, and how much we are adding to landfills because of it.

Reusable Options for Items You Can Recycle and Reuse

The main reason that we have so many disposable items at home is because we’re used to them. We’ve seen people around us use them, they’re easily available, and they’re cheap (or so we think). But not only do such items pollute the environment, they actually make a much bigger dent in our budget in the long run.

Take Tupperware for instance. (And we do take them. Loads of them!) Most homes have enough such plastic storage containers to start a small shop of their own. And even then, in a few months, we find ourselves buying even more! And this, in addition to the ones we already own, takes up a massive amount of storage space.

One reusable option for such plastic storage containers are glass storage containers. These last a whole lot longer than plastic, and they’re much more eco-friendly too! And other than for storage, using microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe ceramic and glass containers are the better option for food items. They won’t react like plastic containers do over long-term, and hence they last a lot longer.

Additionally, replace paper towels with cloth instead. For we can wash and reuse cloth. And this will mean that instead of spending for such items per week, we only need to buy more once these have become thread-bare. Plus, cloth is recycled faster than paper.

Using Wholesale Reusable Bags Is the Easiest Option

Most homes often store plastic bags from retail outlets and grocery stores. But the problem is, these bags are usually flimsy, which limits their use. Plus, they are also non-biodegradable (or else take millennia to actually decompose).

Buying a set of wholesale reusable bags is one of the easiest and best methods to really make your home “green”. A reusable bag can be used for a very long time – as such bags are sturdy and can be easily machine-washed or hand-washed (depending on one’s convenience). Plus, one can also carry such reusable bags to stores when they go shopping and avoid the store-bought plastic bags altogether.


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