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Organic Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are biodegradable and recyclable, setting an admirable example and strong brand image

Organic Cotton Bags Bring out the Best in your Brand

We can quickly turn your company’s design into a gorgeous cotton tote for a budget-friendly price. You can use and reuse any of our durable and soft cotton options. Reach out to our customer service team for a quick estimate or virtual image to get your order started. 


Reach your eco-friendly market wherever this bag may go, whether it be to the grocery store, park, beach or thrift store. Our exciting collection of durable and fashionable totes can bring a great rebranding opportunity to you company. A multi use bag for your clients will keep your reliability in mind, wherever they bring it.


Made with 100% recycled cotton materials, you can rely on a bag that can carry your brand as well as your heaviest belongings. Take this chance to easily reach your eco-friendly market, just add your personalized business design. At Custom Earth Promos, we guarantee a product you will want to keep around your company for years to come.