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Cotton Bags

Print your custom logo on our eco friendly cotton bags to increase your brand recognition wherever these totes are seen! Crafted from cotton, and free of any harmful materials, these bags will impress your current clientele while netting a new eco friendly audience. For complete customization options, use our overseas production and optimize your personalized bags. For a speedy two week turnaround time you can order using our in-stock production. Request a quote now, or reach out to our industry leading customer service representatives to get started on your custom printed totes!

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Cotton bags are biodegradable and recyclable, setting an admirable example and strong brand image

Organic Cotton Bags Breed Biodiversity

Our organic Cotton Bags are biodegradable, recyclable and exquisitely crafted to meet Custom Earth Promos’ leading edge industry standards of strength and sustainability. Organic cotton grows without fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides. This all-natural process improves the quality of soil, supports surrounding ecosystems and prevents water contamination. Organic cotton is also softer to the touch and gentler on skin. Increased awareness of these benefits have sparked higher consumer demand and a resulting decrease in cost, making this budget and eco-friendly material an excellent alternative to one time use plastic bags. Manufactured with superior quality product construction, our collection of Cotton Bags are strong enough to carry heavy, bulky items with long-lasting durability. Promote your eco-ethical brand with an exclusive design of custom Cotton Bags that will reduce waste, conserve resources and breed biodiversity.

Organic Cotton Bags Build Brand Image

During this “Big Green Opportunity,” businesses serving every sector of the market have a golden window to grow with “green” products and initiatives. Worldwide consumers are in high demand of positive social and environmental impact from the brands competing for their business. Over 50% of consumers are willing to pay more for brands with established standards of sustainability and waste reduction. Promote your eco-friendly initiatives, current ad campaign or showcase your company name and logo on an earth friendly organic cotton bag. Each bag in our collection is fully customizable guaranteed to meet the design goals of your branding.