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Eco-Friendly USB Drives

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Customized USB drives reduce paper waste and are made from recycled plastics

Eco USB Drives for Planet Friendly Promotions

We strongly support and promote the use of recycled plastic water bottles (rPET) to manufacture eco-friendly products such as USB Drives, which reduces the waste in landfills and pollution in the air. Our collection of eco-friendly USB Drives also includes such eco-responsible materials as corn, bamboo and wood. These earth friendly materials create less greenhouse gas, use less energy and are more adept to withstand hot temperatures in comparison to plastic alternatives. We understand that reliability is the key ingredient to a successful promotional product. That is why we’ve empowered our Eco-Friendly USB Drives with Tier 1 Chip Technology, ensuring you receive a top quality product with the best possible performance.

Eco USB Drives for a Better Brand Image

Consumers are demanding more “green” products and sustainable production methods that represent a positive social and environmental impact. More than 50% of consumers worldwide report a willingness to pay more for goods and services from brands that have an eco-responsible image. Position your brand for future success by establishing a “green” presence for your business that will increase profitability, attract new prospects and secure loyalty from eco-conscious customers. An in-house design expert will work with you to build a brand exclusive design of Eco-Friendly USB Drives that guarantee optimized exposure for your business.