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Folding Tote Carrier Bags

Size: 14" W x 14.5" H x 3.5" D
| Thickness: 10 Oz

Oz (Ounces), short for "ounces per square yard", is a unit of measurement defining the density of a bag’s material. Thicker bags will have higher oz/yd2 values.

Qty 1 100+ 250+500+1,000+2,500+50,000+
Price $2.39 $4.11$3.81$3.66$3.56$3.47$3.34
Qty 1 1,000+ 3,000+5,000+10,000+25,000+50,000+
Price $2.39 $2.89$2.79$2.69$2.59$2.49$2.39
In-Stock (2 Weeks or Less)
Overseas (Within 60 - 90 Days)
4 or More
Includes Full Color Imprint

You Will Receive A Final Proof
This product carries a minimum bulk order quantity of 100 pieces. You may order 1 piece as a pre-production sample with your logo. When ordering 1 piece, the set-up fee is included in the $45 shipping charge.
The minimum quantity to print custom artwork is 100 pieces. You may order up to 3 pieces as a randomly printed or blank sample.

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Custom Reusable Folding Tote Carrier Bags

Name Folding Tote Carrier Bags
Size 14" W x 14.5" H x 3.5" D
Thickness 10 Oz
Available Colors Natural
Imprint Area 8" W x 8" H
Key Features
  • Exterior and Interior Fabric Made from 100% Organic Cotton
  • Hook and Loop Closure Keeps Contents Secure
  • Foldable Totes Have a Large 8" W x 8" H Imprint Space
  • Totes Can Be Folded For Storage Space
  • Two Reinforced Handles on Sides to Support Heavy Contents
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Customer Reviews (29)
Review by Koda L
This carrier bag has alot of use, it is very sturdy when open.
Review by Erik T
Review by Naomi R
My team and I ordered 1000 of this bag and 5000 of the PP2 bag. We figured the customers can use the carrier to carry the filled PP2 bags. Most of them use it the way we envisioned.
Review by Madilyn V
Surprising has a ton of uses, this is the best reusable bag we sell.
Review by Patrick L
If you break it done, this item is a foldable reusable box. What a great product, I just reordered it with a new design.
See all 29 customer reviews

Folding Tote Carrier Bags are a convenient cross between a bag and a storage box. The 100% organic cotton interior and exterior fabric carrier folds for storage space. The hook and loop closure keeps contents secure and serves as a perfect mode of marketing for your business. Folding carrier bags are great for organizational, shopping or travel purposes. Fill totes with an arrangement of other branded items like lanyards, USB drives, pens and water bottles for a promotional prize box.


Offer Folding Tote Carrier Bags to loyal customers and industry connections to optimize your brand exposure. Fill them with products you sell, food or simply stuff them with even more branded items such as reusable grocery bags, travel mugs and lanyards for exponential brand exposure. What's great about these collapsible totes is that everyone has a need for them whether it's to tidy up toys in the kid's playroom, organize trunk space or to help keep the garage free of clutter. With a wide variety of options for use and durable quality, your brands' message is sure to be seen by future customers, building brand recognition even when being used as a storage space!

Additional Details

Adaptable to meet the needs of your business, folding totes will appeal to your target audience and increase exposure of your business. Add a custom message or slogan that speaks for your brand. The foldable design and hook and loop closure keeps contents secure while keeping your graphic on display in the 8" W x 8" H imprint area. Surprise loyal customers with custom carrier bags to express your appreciation for their business or include as a free gift with specific item or dollar amount purchases.

Launch a raffle drawing sweepstakes at your restaurant, store or service center where customers can either buy or earn raffle tickets for the chance to win one of your custom carriers. When placing your Custom Tote Carrier Bags order, consider including an alternate design to be used exclusively for the raffle drawing(s). This strategy encourages your target audience to interact with one another in friendly competition, stimulating customer engagement and advancing an attractive company culture. A personal connection takes place when customers receive a free gift. Through instinctual reciprocity, brand loyalty is strengthened. Apply this psychology to special offers for a favorable brand image that brings joy to your customer base and boosts long-term profitability.

Custom Options

With any order of 1,000 pieces or more, take advantage Custom Earth Promos' cost-effective option to order direct from overseas. Unlock the ability to choose a custom fabric in any color of the rainbow, imprint your logo and custom design in multiple colors to be displayed on the entire surface of the Folding Tote Carrier Bags. Our overseas factory will make adjustments to the cube dimensions, upgrade the material density, include Velcro strips, label pockets and more depending on your specific preferences. You'll work directly with one of our in-house design experts to define each aspect of your folding totes. In just 8-12 weeks, receive an order of high-quality promotional products that will pay off for years to come.

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