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Health and wellness products at Custom Earth Promos are an excellent way for you to make good choices for your business, protect your employees, and prevent the spread of disease or illness. We have a massive range of products that you can order in massive quantities, and we can help you place an order today. 

We Have Medical Safety Gear

You can benefit from our health and wellness products when you try our:

  • Gowns
  • Face Shields
  • Forehead Thermometers
  • Latex Gloves

Of course, you can use these products if you do not work in the medical field, but they are used by medical professionals every day as a testament to their effectiveness. You can stay safe if you are cleaning an apartment during the COVID-19 pandemic or trying to provide services to people in your community. Your business might have no choice but to remain in operation, and you can put your entire staff in gowns, face shields, and latex gloves.

Forehead thermometers are also a good way for you to get a temperature reading without worrying about disease transmission to and from a reusable thermometer. 

You Can Disinfect Anything

When you want to stay clean, disinfect surfaces, and keep your hands clean if you are working with people, you can use our:

  • Disinfecting Gel
  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • Anti-Bacterial Gel
  • Anti-Bacterial Foam Wash
  • Promotional Health Kits
  • Travel Hand Sanitizer with a Hook and Sleeve
  • Hand Sanitizing Mist
  • Sanitizing Wipe Tube
  • Hand Spray Mist

You can use disinfecting gel on your hands or gloves that you have not removed. You may want to keep disinfecting wipes at every workstation or spread them around your office. In some cases, you might have ordered disinfecting wipes as part of a government initiative that allows you to hand them out to families in the community.

You might also want to purchase anti-bacterial gel or foam wash to put in the bathrooms of all your buildings. You can give away travel hand sanitizer with a hook and sleeve that has the name of your business printed on it, and you can even purchase promotional health kits that include disinfecting sprays and anti-bacterial products. The name of your business goes on the front of the kit, and you can easily advertise your business while doing something good for the community or helping your staff remain healthy.

We also have large tubes of hand sanitizing wipes and tiny hand spray mists that might be perfect for use around your office or in the community. You can order as much as you need, and our bulk orders are shipped in light packages that are easy to manage. 

Keep Your Nose and Mouth Safe with Respiratory Masks

Our respiratory masks include the N95 and KN95 masks that cover your face, fit tight, and use a strap that fits behind your head. We can even add promotional stickers to these masks if they are to be handed out to your staff. You can try the traditional reusable surgeon’s masks that will cover you face from nose to chin, or you might want to try a reusable face mask that is made from polyester and an inner layer of cotton. You can replace the filters in these masks, and they can be printed in a variety of colors and styles. 

Order with Custom Earth Promos today to get your bulk order started, produced, and shipped in time for you to distribute all these health and wellness products (with your logo when you need it.)