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Protective Respiratory Face Masks

COVID-19 supplies, specifically respiratory masks have become our core competency since we are focused on helping the world stay safe. Our KN95 Protective face masks include 5 layers of protection and a 95% filtration rate. These KN95 masks are available with or without a breathing port. Our Custom Filtration Masks are extremely comfortable, reusable and made of polyester material that feels like a micro-fiber giving it a silky-smooth finish. Each Custom Filtration Mask also includes two replaceable filters and can be ordered with or without an exhalation valve. Replacement filters may be purchased for an additional fee. Our three-ply face masks, for non-surgical use, are simplistic yet cost effective and can be discarded after use. Custom Earth's prices are factory direct and shipping is waived on all COVID-19 supplies.

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Why Respiratory Masks from Custom Earth Promos?

When you are trying to remain healthy during a flu outbreak, any fear of a pandemic, or the allergy season, you can use respiratory masks from Custom Earth Promos that keep you, your kids, your community, and your patients safe. You might be in a hurry to place a massive order, or you might have planned to pass these masks out around your community. We have everything you need, and we can even show you why these masks are such a good investment.


You should try to keep your nose and mouth covered during allergy season, but a lot of people assume that that is not necessary because they figure that they will be dealing with the itchy throat, runny nose, and cough that come along with allergy season. You can add these respiratory masks to your allergy season treatment right now just to be safe. We recommend that you wear at least a custom respiratory mask throughout the allergy season to remain healthy. You can step up to the KN95 or N95 mask if you need to, and you can place a massive order so that everyone around you can stay safe during allergy season.

Flu and Virus Outbreaks

Flu and virus outbreaks are going to happen, and you need to be prepared. At the very least, you need to be concerned about the flu virus that goes around every year. You should be even more concerned about pandemics like the COVID-19 outbreak that has gripped the world in 2020. You can wear these masks in public to protect yourself, and you should definitely wear these masks if you are contagious. You can protect yourself, or you can protect the people around you just in case you think you are still transmissible or just asymptomatic.

Avoiding Germs and Bacteria

Parents are often concerned about the germs and bacteria they will pick up when they go into a school, and schoolteachers may want to wear these masks if they are concerned about getting very sick during the school year. This is even more important if you are working in a daycare or watch little kids during the day when their parents go to work.

Offering Some Courtesy

No matter how you are feeling, you might have a light cough that will frighten vulnerable people who are around you in public. Wearing a respiratory mask of some kind helps show that you are exhibiting the very best cough etiquette. You do not want anyone to feel like they could catch what you have, and that is why you should use these masks every day if you are not feeling well. This is also important during an outbreak even if you are not sick. Some people have asthma, chronic bronchitis, or seasonal allergy coughs that should be covered for everyone’s benefit.

Take a look at what Custom Earth Promos can do for you when you want to order respiratory masks. Our team can help you get your order set up today, and we will customize your masks, send them quickly, and give you the protection from germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and illness that you need.