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Promotional Health Kit

Size: 4.5" W x 5.5" H x 1" D
Qty 100+ 250+500+1,000+2,500+5,000+
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Sanitary Health Case

Name Promotional Health Kit
Size 4.5" W x 5.5" H x 1" D
Packaging Dimensions
  • 80 Pieces Packaged Per Box
  • 29 lbs Per Box
  • Carton Size: 10" L x 12.2" W x 18.3" H
  • Imprint Area 2.75" W x 3.25" H
    Key Features
  • Health and Safety Travel Case
  • Includes Sun Screen, Sanitizer, Insect Relief, Insect Repellent & After Sun Spray
  • Colorful Caps to Differentiate Spray Bottles
  • .33 oz of Liquid in Each Bottle
  • 2.75" W x 3.25" H Imprint Space For Your Company Logo
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    Customer Reviews (18)
    Review by William K
    You are so nice when we call. We are buying your promotional health kits to put in each box. We want our customers to get something useful, and you are giving us the best service. Our logo looks awesome on these kits!
    Review by Tina P
    We love that you are so receptive to all our design ideas. I love talking to your team, and your promotional health kits sell out fast every time we get them. Thank you for helping with COVID supplies!
    Review by Pierre G
    When we are trying to make a difference as customers come back into the shop, I want them to get more than what we sell. Printing our logo on these promotional health kits makes us look so good. Thank you for helping!
    Review by Tammi K
    We got the promotional health kits to leave out at the desk. Guests can take them at any time, and they can travel with them. I love that you make such nice products and put our logo on them. Easiest marketing we have ever done!
    Review by Megan F
    I love that you make so many COVID supplies. The promotional health kit is very nice, and it impresses everyone I visit. I like to give away these kits because they have the logo on the front. The material is very nice, and all the sprays on the inside are very helpful. You have done such a good job for us. Thanks!
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    This promotional health kit is a small and simple set of health items that you can use every day. You get a spray hand sanitizer, sunscreen, insect relief spray, insect repellent spray, and an after sun spray to help you recover if you get burned. This is a wonderful package for you to give to your employees, and it can be sold to or given away to your customers. You can print your logo on the packages, and you will turn the kit into a promotional item that makes your business that much more attractive to everyone in the community.


    When you order this health kit, you are given everything you need to remain healthy, keep your employees healthy, and ensure that your customers are healthy. This is an excellent promotional item that you can give to customers or sell to them. Plus, this is the kind of kit that a lot of people forget that they need. You can give this to people around you who need it most, and it works well for frequent travelers.

    The kit comes with special caps that are color-coded so that all the tubes are easy to identify. You can pick out each item based on the cap, and you can slide it back into the package without any trouble. The case carries your logo, and it is very light so you know all the tubes have been replace.

    You get a third of an ounce in each bottle, and that is more than enough to give you the relief or protection that you need. You can choose from sun screen, hand sanitizer, insect relief, insect repellent, and after sun spray. In the future, you can even refill the bottles and keep the package. This means that your company’s logo lives on while customers or employees use these kits.

    You can even take the tubes out of the package if you want to. This might be the perfect thing to keep in your desk, handbag, or travel bag. Some people might even put this kit in their gym bag.

    Additional Details

    When you place your order, you can get up to 80 kits in each box, and the boxes only weigh 29 pounds. This makes the boxes easy to manage, and they can be stored until you are ready to sell them. You can open up these boxes when you are packaging shipments for customers, and you can drop one of these kits into each package. These kits are excellent for the summer time, and they will carry your company’s logo because the large imprint area makes the logo that much more obvious.

    Custom Options

    When you want us to print your logo on the package, we have a 2.75" x 3.25" space that will help you display your logo image. We can print in black and white or full color, and you can turn the front of the package into an advertisement for your business. What’s more, the spray bottles inside are still visible. This is a very attractive package that can be used by any business, and we can get your order started today online or over the phone. At Custom Earth Promos, we believe that you can serve your community, your customers, and your business at the same time with these health kits.

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