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    I like that you have goggles I can actually use for work. We have needed to replace ours, and you just seem to have everything.
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    I love that you have real goggles. They are so much easier to use for really dirty jobs…something we have been dealing with for a while now during COVID
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    These are real goggles and I am so happy someone actually carries them. Thank you!

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Eye Protection Goggles

Product Name Protective Eye Gear
Quantity Per Box 300
Packaging Dimensions
  • 300 Pieces Per Box
  • 49.5 lbs Per Carton
  • Carton Size: 16" W x 26" L x 20" D"
  • Key Features
  • Goggles Made From PVC Material
  • Resistant to Fog
  • Includes Valve Ventilation
  • Features Elastic Strap
  • Minimum Order at Just 5,000 Pieces
  • Lenses Made From Polycarbonate Material
  • Additional Info

    Eye Protection Goggles

    Quantity Per Box 300
    Additional Details

    We pack these goggles extremely efficiently. We can put 300 pieces in a box, and that box will only weigh 49.5 pounds. You can easily store all the goggles you will need for your staff, and you can easily wash these goggles after they have been used. Think of these goggles as an investment in the safety of your team. You are sending maintenance workers, field workers, and even garbage collectors into places that are filled with germs and bacteria, and these goggles are just another layer of protection.

    Packaging Dimensions
  • 300 Pieces Per Box
  • 49.5 lbs Per Carton
  • Carton Size: 16" W x 26" L x 20" D"
  • Custom Options

    Sadly, we cannot customize these goggles, but they are something that every business needs. We recommend that you reach out to our team at Custom Earth Promos today to find out how we can put together your order, how many you need, and where the goggles will be delivered. We are happy to work with any of our customers on a minimum order of at least 5000 pieces, and we will answer all your questions online or over the phone. You deserve to work safely, and we have a solution for you that can stay with your business for quite some time.


    This is a polycarbonate material that you can use in any situation, and it will resist any germs or bacteria that are in the area. The lenses themselves are made from the same thing that makes up most eyeglasses. The goggles themselves are made from a PVC material which is very heavy and durable. This means that you can see very clearly through these lenses, and the outer rims of the goggles cannot be broken by incidental content while you are on the job. These goggles are much safer than safety glasses which are flimsy, light, and break easily.

    There is a valve ventilation system that will prevent them from fogging up, but this ventilation system will not allow germs or bacteria to enter the goggles. It could be extremely dangerous to watch your goggles fog up while you are on the job, and that is why we have created these goggles with this unique valve.

    The outer portion of the lens is resistant to fog, and that will help you prevent any problems when you experience extreme temperature changes. People who are wearing these goggles can adjust the elastic strap to get the best fit, and you can help other people get a tight fit by grasping the strap on the back and tugging where the belt is looped.

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