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Reusable Jute Monster Grocery Bags

Size: 14.5" W x 13" H x 10" D
| Thickness: 5 oz

Oz (Ounces), short for "ounces per square yard", is a unit of measurement defining the density of a bag’s material. Thicker bags will have higher oz/yd2 values.

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Custom Reusable Jute Monster Grocery Bags Wholesale

Name Reusable Jute Monster Grocery Bags
Size 14.5" W x 13" H x 10" D
Thickness 5 oz
Available Colors Cream, Light Gray & Navy Blue
Imprint Area 8" W x 5" H
Key Features
  • Ensures Durability for Long-Term Use
  • Includes Two Sturdy, Comfortable Handle Straps for Carrying Convenience
  • Comes with Removable Bottom Base for Easy Weight Adjustment
  • Features Three Choices of Attractive Colors
  • Is A Fantastic, Eco-Conscious Alternative to Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Constructed With Soft Poly-Weave Material
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Customer Reviews (32)
Review by Doris J
100 GSM is a nice thickness. I've witnessed other customers supplying bags like this with about half the thickness of this bag and they rip too easily. This is top notch material and very durable.
Review by Charles D
This premium bag is very spacious and great to use for grocery shopping. Customers love them because of their great size and sturdiness.
Review by Terry E
These bags are great for long term use. Sold them all at my trade show the other month and everyone said they were excellent for grocery shopping bags and even bags to bring to the beach with.
Review by Kenneth G
Amazingly durable and long-lasting unique bag. Definitely one of a kind. These bags are well worth the price. Thanks again.
Review by Boyd B
Good size imprint area.
The handles are stiched on well.
The material is durable and able to be cleaned.
I rate the customer service 5 stars.
See all 32 customer reviews

Our Reusable Jute Monster Grocery Bags are the ideal solution for discerning customers who are seeking to make an immediate, positive impact on the marketability of their products via their clientele base. All customers receiving this product will be awed by the durability and aesthetic appeal of the jute material, as well as the ecologically prudent manner in which our product is manufactured and delivered. The large size of the grocery bags also serves an economical and pragmatic role when clients realize that fewer bags will need to be carried to accomplish their shopping or leisurely needs.


As businesses internationally trend toward environmentally-conscious approaches, Custom Earth Promos strives to keep ahead of this progression, and the Reusable Jute Monster Grocery Bags are just the latest in our company’s quest to provide products with an inexpensive yet eco-friendly message. This popular product is not only a great alternative to conventional plastic grocery bags in that it is suited for long-term, durable use, but also allows for easy and vibrant customization options to best showcase your brand’s value. Additionally, unlike traditional grocery bags, the Reusable Jute Monster Grocery Bags are furnished with a front slash pocket to retain additional items that may not fit in the bag (although this should not be a problem considering the ample size!).

Additional Details

Each spacious Reusable Jute Monster Grocery Bag from Custom Earth Promos is made of 5 oz. Cotton Canvas and poly-weave material, providing a lightweight, durable product. Jute is a rain-fed crop with little need for fertilizer or pesticide and has been in great demand throughout history due to its softness, length, and low cost (which is, in turn, passed on to our customers). It has been deemed ‘The Golden Fiber’ due to its versatile nature and also ‘The Brown Paper Bag,’ which is an apt term to describe the functionality of our monster grocery bags.

At a sizable volume of 14.5” W x 13” H x 10” D and containing a removable bottom base made of the same material as the bag, these grocery bags are able to contain several large items simultaneously. However, when dealing with larger, bulkier items, the bottom base can be removed, thus allowing for a greater ability to accommodate said items. Also, when unable to fit needed items inside, customers can utilize the front pocket for smaller, more intimate items. This added functionality bequeaths greater versatility to the bags as they can be for a plethora of usages, from a day at the beach to a picnic at the park.

Each of the Reusable Jute Monster Grocery Bags is supplied with two sturdy handle straps made of the same robust material as the bag. With these support handles, you can be assured that the bag will not fail to hold even the heaviest load and that your comfort will not be compromised. Our bags also come in two attractive colors: Natural with Black Trim and Sage Green with Black Trim. With a large imprint area of 8” W x 5” H, you will be able to effectively market your product or services with your brand name and image.

There are four printing methods available with us: screen print, transfer print, perfect print, and permanent print. Each of these methods produces different results and effects, so you can consult our experts on which method can give you the desired effects. All our products are California Proposition 65 compliant, which means that they have all been tested safe from harmful additives like lead, cadmium, and chromium. Wouldn't it be comforting to know that you are gifting your customers high-quality products that are free from hazardous contaminants?

Custom Options

One of our defining missions at Custom Earth Promos is to provide all orders to your specifications and to provide them promptly. The facilities that we ship from ensure that every bag is produced to accommodate your needed design requirements. Additionally, our Reusable Jute Monster Grocery Bags are available for bulk order at affordable rates, making them the ideal choice for many eco-conscious companies.

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