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3M 8210 N95 Face Masks
As Low As: $2.25
11 Review(s)
Size: 6" W x 6" H
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Customer Reviews (11)
Review by Matt S
Custom Earth Promos gave me the option to choose from multiple 3M masks both with and without a filter. The 8210's are were a good option for a mask with interior filtration.
Review by Angie P
We think it makes sense to get the 8210 masks. They filter at 95% and they are NIOSH approved. For me, that makes the PPE much safer for our students. We have so many grad students and professors who are hosting classes, and I want them to have more masks on their desks as soon as possible. Thanks!
Review by Morley H
The 8210 masks are 95% filtration rated and NIOSH approved? Thank God because we needed something that was going to work for us. We have a lot of buildings to cover, and the staff are excited that we have 3M masks. Thanks!
Review by Ron M
When I placed my order, I had no idea we could have such a good vendor. You have a really nice website, and it is a good place for us to shop. At least you have PPE that is NIOSH approved because that was the only thing our schools were allowed to use.
Review by Larry F
When I started the search for PPE, I stumbled on the 8210 mask. I love that you have stock and can ship quickly. You were so helpful to us, and now we have PPE for the free clinic--we had been running out.
Review by Jenny H
How do you have all the best PPE? You do such a good job. The 8210 masks are nice to use, and they are NIOSH approved which is what we really need. The city is going to use these masks everywhere, and it makes all our citizens safer.
Review by Rinnie F
When we placed our order, you were so nice. You have NIOSH approved PPE, and we know that it makes so much more sense to work with you because you have so many other supplies. This is a Godsend for our facility. Thank you!
Review by Joel G
Thank you for showing us that these masks are NIOSH approved and filter so well. That was what I wanted to know before we went back into our city offices. Our town thanks you for your help with our PPE orders!
Review by Winter W
For me, I appreciate that you have the 8210 masks because they come from 3M, they have the 95% filtration, and they are NIOSH approved. That was enough for me to order for our small radio station. Thank you for your help!
Review by Todd E
Most people told us that it would be too hard to find something like the 8210 mask. We are happy to work with you, and you have made it much easier to protect our workers as they come into the facility. Thanks!

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