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Printed KN95 Face Masks
As Low As: $1.75
19 Review(s)
Size: 6.1" W x 3.3" H
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Includes Full Color Imprint
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Customer Reviews (19)
Review by Tally M
We are looking at how many ways we can make PPE more profitable and fun. These personalized KN95 masks look nice and still keep us safe. I am all about this. Thanks!
Review by Max W
When we have been working with you, you have always had the best PPE. Thanks for making our logo look so good on a KN95 mask. We are selling out so fast because of your help!
Review by Mike A
When we bought your personalized KN95 masks, we did not think they would sell out so fast. People love these because they look good and fit well. Thank you!
Review by Nate B
We have been impressed with your personalized KN95 masks. We know that they look very nice, and we have been able to sell them during COVID. This is a good way to buy PPE that is on brand along with to giving us more of a chance to sell for a profit. Thanks!
Review by Kim M
When we looked at how to run our ENT clinic, we needed to have masks for the staff. Personalized masks help. We give them to our kids when they leave so that the family has more KN95 products. Basically, we are marketing and doing the right thing. Thanks!
Review by Vincent R
Very interested in your KN95. Really thankful that you can personalize them because no one else does that. They look good, they sell, and they work for our staff. It makes for a nice brand image. Thanks!
Review by Nini E
When we place orders for personalized masks, we can add our own logo to each mask in a way that makes sense. I know this is a small thing, but it helps identify our staff in the hotel. We keep these KN95 masks in the gift shop, and we have gotten good feedback. Thanks!
Review by James C
Buying up your personalized masks is a much easier way for us to make money. We like the way this works, and we think that you do the best printing. Plus, putting our logo on our masks sets our customers at ease.
Review by Phil S
We think that we need more of these personalized KN95 masks just because they look good in the gift shop. You are giving us the full color printing and design help that we need. I love that you make so many different masks and all the PPE we need for work.
Review by George R
We have to use masks everywhere we go, and we like to have a logo on the masks so that people know who we are when they see us. We also give them away when customers need them. A nice little way to make our KN95 into a marketing product.

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