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Makrite 9500 N95 Small Masks
As Low As: $3.25
12 Review(s)
Size: 5.3" W x 4.5" H
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Customer Reviews (12)
Review by Jeremy J
When we buy PPE, we are always trying to accommodate everyone, and that makes it so much easier when you actually have small masks. I have never heard of Makrite, but you made our lives easier. They are N95s with real approvals by the FDA and NIOSH? Thanks!
Review by Nikki E
When we wanted to buy smaller masks, we only saw cheap cotton options, but you have small Makrites that have approval for medical use. That is what I am talking about. Thank you for providing us with PPE.
Review by Ryan F
I think that we should always buy here because the masks are great and cheap. The best part is that you ship so fast. You have NIOSH and FDA approved masks, and that is what we need as we get to work.
Review by Megan T
We think that it makes sense to get the bigger Makrites for the kids and the smaller ones for the kids. You have done so well for us. They are also FDA and NIOSH approved. Sweet!
Review by William J
For us, it really made sense to get the small masks because we have so many kids at the church. This is just a simple way to show the parents we are being safe. The NIOSH and FDA rating helps, and they are not overpriced.
Review by Greg W
Thanks for having the small Makrite masks. They are still good, affordable, and have the FDA and NIOSH approval. Thank goodness you made this easier on us.
Review by Fern G
Very excited that you have Makrite masks that are actually a good price and you have the small ones. PPE that actually fits makes a big difference. Thank you!
Review by Turner C
When we looked at nice masks for our kids, we did not want to just give them cloth. The small Makrite N95 is still easy to use and breathe in. Thank you for helping us when we called. We had to have PPE.
Review by Heather I
We are looking for a way to make sure everyone is safe, and that includes kids when they come in for medical care. We give kids a small Makrite mask and all is well. Thank you for having FDA and NIOSH approved PPE.
Review by Curtis G
When we wanted to get masks that fit better for smaller people, we appreciated that you actually had something that is smaller. The small N95 from Makrite is perfect. You have been so helpful!

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