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3M 8200 Particulate N95 Masks
As Low As: $2.85
19 Review(s)
Size: 6" W x 6" H
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Customer Reviews (19)
Review by Jose P
We bought these masks to supply the workplace and received very positive feedback. Thank you Custom Earth Promos!
Review by Liza N
It is so great to find a supplier who offers a selection of 3M products! We experienced excellent customer service when ordering the 8200 masks.
Review by Anthony A
We have been hoping to find a better supplier since COVID started. You have all the right PPE, and you even tell us the approvals on these masks. I will take this mask any day since it is also NIOSH approved.
Review by Pete D
We are still trying to flip houses and get work done. I am buying 3M 8200 masks for everyone because that is the only way we can work and they can get paid. Thank you for helping!
Review by Johnathan D
We think that this is the only place we will ever buy PPE from again. You have good prices and have stuff in stock. I can even call and chat online? This is such a good place to shop. Thanks!
Review by Dave M
The marching band really benefited from your masks, and now you have more masks we can use when we need to be inside. Thanks for the 3M 8200. This was the very least we could do for our kids, and the school appreciates that they are NIOSH approved.
Review by Bartley H
I have to do all the purchasing, and we thought we would never find quality masks again. The 8200 mask is actually good and NIOSH approved. That fits all my requirements, and you have decent prices and good customer service. Thanks!
Review by Sally R
Easiest purchase we have ever made. The 3M 8200 mask is NIOSH approved and safe for our warehouse staff. That is all I needed. Thank you for helping when we really needed it.
Review by Tara A
You have 3M Masks! Sweet! We have just placed our order. We really needed PPE, and you have all the other kinds of masks we need too. This so great that we found you. Thanks!
Review by Brendan M
When we buy from vendors, they usually make everything so hard, but your team is so good. We called, we emailed, and you handled everything. Thanks for the 3M 8200 masks because they are so hard to find.

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