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Haylard Fluid Shield 3 N95 Surgical Masks
As Low As: $3.19
11 Review(s)
Size: 6" W x 6" H
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Customer Reviews (11)
Review by Erin W
We like to know that we can buy as much PPE as possible. I am thankful that you take our questions and let us know how these masks work. I think they feel better and make it easier to talk. Thanks!
Review by Tara T
We have been happy using CEP to buy PPE. We are getting more COVID supplies because cases are going back up and the Halyard is going to feel better to use while sitting at a desk all day. Thanks!
Review by Carey F
I know that a lot of people think the Halyard is weird, but this is by far the most comfortable mask on the market. So thankful that you have these and we can try them. NIOSH approval just makes me feel better when buying PPE.
Review by Lilith F
Think it makes more sense for us to get these surgical masks and use them because they still have that NIOSH approval. That is what sold me and the customer service is so good!
Review by Heather P
So when we looked at PPE, we had not heard of Halyard, and we like the Fluid Shield 3 because it is more like a big surgical mask. I hate wearing tighter masks, and these are great for the office. Thank you!
Review by George F
We have bought PPE from you before, but having to wear masks all the time because of COVID means we really need the Halyard duckbill. I like that they are NIOSH approved and easy to wear. Also very cost effective for our business.
Review by Lisa E
Got the Halyards because they allow us to breathe easy when we are working hard in the shop. The straps fit better, and the NIOSH approval helps everyone come to work with confidence.
Review by Hamilton E
Thanks for carrying PPE that actually works for us. We appreciate what you have done to help us safe money. NIOSH approved PPE helps us ensure our staff that our staff is safe.
Review by Hailie R
We think that the Halyard looks strange but works perfectly. This is the best fit I have gotten, and it is NIOSH approved. I never cared how it looks because it keeps us safe in the lab. Thank you!
Review by Guilia E
We like that we have the option to buy any brand we like. The Halyard is perfect for us because it is big and fits well along with having the right price. Thanks for all your help!

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