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Black 3 Ply Face Masks
As Low As: $0.09
13 Review(s)
Size: 6" W x 6" H
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Customer Reviews (13)
Review by Ali M
For us, we like using the black face masks because they look nicer and are a little bit firmer. The nose clip still works, and I think that people prefer to buy these because they are kinda cool. Thanks for showing us what we can do with our COVID supplies.
Review by Tony C
We like the black face masks because they work with our business aesthetic. A store like ours should always have black, and we wear the black face masks. Such a good product that is soft and easy to wear. Thanks!
Review by Trent R
I have been excited to buy your black face masks. They are the perfect PPE, and they make you feel like you are at work. I like it. Thanks for helping when I called!
Review by Clint B
We have been hoping to find black masks because they are nicer to wear to work. They are also a good changeup for the people who come in the shop. We wear them ourselves. We appreciate your selection of COVID supplies.
Review by Frank E
We got the black face masks because they are simple to wear and look nice. They still work like the regular 3-ply masks, and they are comfortable. I just know that some people prefer to use black because it kind of looks nice at work. Thanks for the COVID supplies and more options than other vendors have.
Review by Scarlet Y
The people that are asking for black face masks have compelled us to place a big order, and you make very nice masks. Thank you for being there when we need you. You have all the PPE and COVID supplies we need to get through this. I really thank you for helping!
Review by Hooper T
The black face masks you carry look so good and feel so much nicer than others. We can place big orders, and we can look professional around the facility. I think this is a PPE win-win.
Review by Frederick H
I feel like most people overlook the black face mask because they think it is too hot, but your materials are much thinner and so nice on the skin. Thanks for helping us with COVID supplies for the drivers and workers.
Review by Stephen G
As soon as we went back to the office I knew we should use black face masks, and you have delivered. They are comfortable and priced very well. Thanks for making this so much easier!
Review by Breone B
So much happier with the black face masks because they look cool and people keep asking for them. You can also easily see if they have been damaged. Thanks for your help and advice!

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