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Over-Head Tie 3 Ply Face Masks
As Low As: $0.22
15 Review(s)
Size: 6" W x 6" H
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Customer Reviews (15)
Review by Malcolm B
When we place our orders, your team at CEP is always easy to work with. Thank you for making the over head mask available because it is so much easier to use and tie and it does not hurt our ears.
Review by Jordan R
We got the best recommendation to work with your site. You have nice PPE and good COVID supplies. The over head masks are easier to use and go over regular masks just like they do in hospitals. We feel safer doing this way I'll tell you.
Review by Piers G
I think the over head mask is better than the ones that go over your ear. You have a lot of PPE and we have been wearing masks during COVID, but we need to stay comfortable or we never get anything done. Thanks for carrying what we need.
Review by Fred G
We have the over head masks for the school because they fit all the staff. We also use them when kids show up without one. This is a great product and more reasonable than all the vendors we sampled.
Review by Roger S
I figure that anyone can wear the over the head mask, and that is why we chose it. You allow us to place big orders, and all your products are made very well. Great customer service. Thanks for the COVID supplies and tips on PPE.
Review by Dr. M
The over the head mask is so nice that we have just bought it for PPE. We have people coming in all the time that do not have masks, and they walk away with something they can easily wear. I have shut down so many non mask wearers. Thanks!
Review by Rev. G
We have several buildings, shops, and food pantries. We have so many people we need to work with us, and we give them these over the head masks because we know they will fit everyone and keep air in. Thanks for the help when we called to order our PPE.
Review by Marcus S
The whole catalog here is awesome. The over the head masks are nice PPE because they can go over regular masks, and they are easier to adjust. Plus, they do not hurt my ears. Thanks!
Review by Tim D
We think that it is a nice way to care for our guests when we offer them more options. The over the head mask is just right for us, and it is so much easier to adjust. Your PPE is amazing.
Review by Columbia R
I got excited to find over the head masks. Most people forget about them, and I can actually wear them over my regular masks. Thanks for helping us with these products and our orders.

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