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3M 1804 Surgical Duckbill Masks
As Low As: $4.56
13 Review(s)
Size: 6" W x 6" H
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Customer Reviews (13)
Review by Derrick H
We thought that it would be too hard to get 3M masks. The 1804 was new to me, but I would prefer a duckbill mask. Thank you for giving us COVID supplies for good prices!
Review by TImi P
We thought that it would be hard to find a duckbill mask that was actually approved by NIOSH. They have FDA clearance which we do not need but made the purchase easy. Thanks for all the help with PPE.
Review by Rodrigo B
Very cool mask from 3M. I thought they were impossible to find, and I also thought the duck bill would not work well. They are FDA cleared? and NIOSH approved. That made a difference for us. Thank you!
Review by Dylan D
Got the 1804 mask because of the duckbill. I am already worried about being winded because I have asthma, and we have other people on the staff who feel the same. Thanks for giving us an FDA cleared mask that is also NIOSH approved. You have calmed my nerves a lot!
Review by Barry W
I have just started buying PPE for the office because we had to go back. I had a lot of concerns about being able to breathe, and it looks like the 3M 1804 is going to work best for us. Thanks for answering all my questions.
Review by Devon W
I think it makes a difference that customers have a choice. People have had a hard time getting PPE down here, and we order all our COVID supplies from you. Plus, we can market the FDA clearance and NIOSH approval for the 3M 1804 mask. Thanks!
Review by Collette R
We would like you to know that everyone claims the 1804 is impossible to get. You have proven them wrong, and they are FDA cleared. That makes me feel better. You have been such a big help for our clinic.
Review by Solemilla R
Some facilities do not have any FDA cleared PPE. Some do not know what NIOSH is. You have everything, and you are keeping our wholesalers safe. We have to work if we want to survive, and you carry the 3M 1804 masks when no one else has them.
Review by Philip W
Bought your 1804 3M masks because they are surgical, duckbilled, and actually comfortable. I feel better that we have them, and we have not overspent on them. Thank you for helping us with our order!
Review by Sammy C
For us, the 1804 duck bill just makes more sense. IT is easier to breathe. I can talk in it. Guests know we are taking this seriously. I think this mask is what will keep us in business. Thanks!

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