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3M N95 8210V Masks
As Low As: $1.42
6 Review(s)
Size: 6" W x 6" H
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Customer Reviews (6)
Review by Jack R
I like the 8210V because I know it fits everyone, and the NIOSH approval helps us pitch it to the executives. We also like the way that you help with our purchases and we get the electrostatic filtering.
Review by Hammond R
I bought your other masks and PPE before. Got the 8210V because it is NIOSH approved and better for our staff. I like the dry fit and electrostatic filter. Thanks!
Review by Jeremiah G
I am buying as much of your PPE as I can get. Very happy with the 8210V. It is NIOSH approved which we need, and you helped us place the order in seconds. We so needed this!
Review by James N
Very happy with our purchase. Got the best options for masks and PPE. I like the electrostatic action and NIOSH approval for the 8210V. Thanks for explaining all these masks to us!
Review by Rich H
When we found the 3M 8210V I wanted it because it is NIOSH approved. That alone is wroth it. Thank you for helping. We always need help when placing these orders.
Review by Terry H
We bought the 3M 8210 V masks as we need both PPE and something with a dry fit. Love the electrostatic action and that we can just dispose of them. Safe and NIOSH approved for our staff. Thank you!

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