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Custom Recycled Shopping Bags
As Low As: $0.79
40 Review(s)
Size: 13" W x 15" H x 7" D
| Thickness: 160 GSM

GSM (Grams per Square Meter)

Is the standard measurement for weight and quality of fabrics.

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Within 30 - 45 Days(Minimum 500 pcs)
Within 60 - 90 Days(Minimum 500 pcs)
Full Color Edge-To-Edge

The minimum quantity to print custom artwork is pieces. You may order up to 3 pieces as a randomly printed or blank sample.
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Customer Reviews (40)
Review by Wallace H
For a recycled bag it doesn't have a cheap feel to it.. Seems very durable and high quality, I think my customers will be impressed with the new bags.
Review by Sean Q
I work in the retail sector and recently purchased recyclable bags from Custom earth promos. Feedback from customers has been great and we love that we are playing a part in saving the environment.
Review by Carleton H
These bags have been such a popular item at all our conventions. I know they have really played a huge part in the increase in my sales.
Review by Jatinder
It makes their grocery trips much easier and this helps the earth.
Review by Harold K
We placed an order for 7,000 RB4 shopping bags. We got a great discount on them. Each bag was consistent in its high quality.
Review by Tori L
Awesome bag, full prints and very durable. I highly recommend using this bag for your groceries AND YOU WILL SAVE THE EARTH IN THE PROCESS.
Review by June
This bag is awesome! Totally customizable. Thanks CEP!
Review by Tarun
Hi i am writing this review to test whether it is a browser or technical issue. THe issue doesn't comes every now and then but i think this may be due to the IP switcher tool HMA. We will deeply test this today with the help of our tester.
Review by Fred M
The handles are double stitched and reinforced this reason enough to purchase the bag. Our last supplier didn't do this and the handles ripped off in time..
Review by Issac B
I work in marketing and branding, about 10 years ago my company made a shift to start living and producing more eco-friendly products. We actually incorporated recyclable reusable bags into the "packaging" of most of our products. Being that it is reusable and very durable (at least we found that custom earth promos bags are) we looked at how we can use the bag to package our product. We since have had a long standing relationship with custom earth promos, they are a delight to work with and stand for a great cause.

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