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Non-Woven Promotional Bags
As Low As: $0.64
35 Review(s)
Size: 16" W x 12" H x 6" D
| Thickness: 80 GSM

GSM (Grams per Square Meter)

Is the standard measurement for weight and quality of fabrics.

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Customer Reviews (35)
Review by Henry F
We like the way that your promo bags look. The shopping bags that you have chosen are just right for us, and we like to know that we have such a nice shopping bag that everyone can use. We are getting away from plastic, and your team is really helping us!
Review by Craig H
I like the way these shopping bags hold up because they are so sturdy but not heavy. You have made a really nice product with a lot of surface area. Everyone can read our name and phone number. Thank you!
Review by Peri G
I like to think that we have the best shopping bags in the area. We think that it makes so much more sense to order with CEP because it makes us look good. Customers come in just because they saw the bags. You have helped us so much. Thank you!
Review by Eric F
We really like how you have done such a good job on our marketing and promo bags. These shopping bags are better than all our other bags we have tried. We think that the styling and trim is perfect, and the bags are not too tall for our guests. Thanks!
Review by Lou V
As part of our marketing plan, we wanted better shopping bags. You have totally given us the best ones with the nice trim and our logo printed so well. Thank you for making such a nice product at a good price!
Review by Lina F
I use your shopping bags for event marketing event. When the customers show up to these events, they get your bags with swag. This is really such an easy way for us to market, and the bags look so good. Thank yo[u for helping us expand our marketing and business.
Review by Angie R
I have been using all the products in your catalog for a while. These shopping bags are super nice, and the colors look great. I am very excited that you can help us when we have several different events going on at the same time. Thanks!
Review by Chelsea V
I am buying these bags often because they actually look good for our trunk events. The customers get a nice shopping bag, and they fill it up. You are helping up make money and market our business at the same time. Thanks!
Review by Thomas T
We will definitely use these bags again. They are so useful for us, and they make it much easier for us to get work done and make a little extra money. Great marketing and money making option!
Review by Priscilla R
I got these shopping bags because I prefer that they are longer and a little shorter. The handles are very strong, and they make it so much easier for us to sell our customers big products. We are very thankful that you helped with our marketing!

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