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Reusable Wholesale 6-Bottle Wine Totes
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37 Review(s)
Size: 10" W x 11" H x 7" D
| Thickness: 100 GSM

GSM (Grams per Square Meter)

Is the standard measurement for weight and quality of fabrics.

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Customer Reviews (37)
Review by Carl F
We are using your wine totes as a way to bring in more customers. This is a best seller, and I love the way it makes our business look. Your stitching and printing are second to none. Thanks!
Review by Lilly G
I have loved working with CEP because your bags are always strong and bright. The printing always stands out, and we carry wine in these bags all the time. Thank you!
Review by Pauly E
I am very excited to present these 6 bottle totes to customers because they gasp with delight. They come back all the time ready to buy more, and our logo always looks so nice. Thank you for help with the printing!
Review by Tim H
Our first look at your six bottle wine tote was such a revelation. We sell these every day, and customers beg for them because they need to carry more wine. You have made this all so nice. Thank you!
Review by Wally T
Wine totes are our bread and butter. We use them all the time, but your printing looks better than everyone else's. Thank you for building such a nice bag. We love CEP!
Review by Paul M
I got your six bottle totes because I figured it makes more sense to let our customers carry more wine. The bags look great and they are super sturdy. We use them all the time, and they never break down. The color printing is nice, and you helped us out a lot when choosing the bags. Thanks!
Review by Dave E
Bought the big wine tote because it is strong and well printed. I really like how the sides and base are made. You have put a lot of extra work into this bag, and I can see the straps are x stitched so they do not break. Thanks!
Review by Jen F
We like wine in this club, and we have been selling wine totes at all our shows. We are not even a wine business, but the wine tote is a nice touch because our customers are always thinking of us when they are managing their wine. We love the way you made the bags. Thanks!
Review by Erin R
Got the best looking wine totes for our catering business. We always try to bring wine, but we future we can leave the wine totes with the guests. The printing looks great, and the bags really hold up. Thanks for help with marketing and just a good time!
Review by Darian F
I dare anyone to find a better wine tote! We got them for our tours, and customers fill them up on the tour. They come back all the time with the bags just to thank us. We are getting so much business because of this. Thanks!

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