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Versatile Zippered Utility Trade Show Bags
As Low As: $3.79
9 Review(s)
Size: 18'' W x 14'' H x 3.5'' D
| Thickness: 600 D Poly-Canvas

D (Denier) Is a unit of measurement that defines the thickness of each of our polyester bags. Bags that are thicker will have a higher Denier value.

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Customer Reviews (9)
Review by Paul O
I like these trade show bags because they can zipper closed. I feel better using them when I know I have to shove my wallet and keys in them. We stay organized, and I have one for everyone on the team. We even sell them because visitors love the bags. We make a little money and they go home with a marketing billboard that they can use every day. Love it!
Review by Rachel Y
I wanted to buy some bags that would make traveling easier for the team. One bag for clothes, and one bag for the show. The trade show bags at CEP will hold up no matter how much you use. They are made well, and they have a great customer service team. They always fit our logo and the show logo on each bag. it reads well and it is definitely affordable.
Review by Violet Y
Got some of the best bags from CEP when I used their trade show bags. You guys are awesome! They fit out big logo on these bags, and we have been giving them away with prizes. A lot of value, and it spreads our logo without us spending a lot of extra marketing at the show. Thanks!
Review by Gerald F
I have been looking for a more functional bag for travel, and prefer to take the trade show bags because they help me collect documentation as I work at each show. Plus, the bags have a nice logo so that people know who I am when they see me turn up at their booth.
Review by Angela R
I have been using the trade show bags to make sure that I have enough space for all my brochures. We are constantly bringing new papers to each hall, and we also need to bring our appointment books, ledgers, and receipt books. This bag is so big I do not need anything else. The logo is nice and the colors are very cool!
Review by Lindsay A
I prefer the trade show bags because I spend days working with clients at the venue before we get started, and I can carry all my contracts and layouts in the bag. This is much better than carrying a handbag, and I have converted a lot of my clients to them. Plus, I get people asking who I am when they see the logo!
Review by Thomas A
I get more work done with these bags than anything else. We have so much stuff to take to each show, and all the extra pockets and storage space make it easy for us to manage our documents for each show. I also toss all my personal items in there so I can keep track. Logo looks great and the customer service is awesome. Thanks!
Review by Robert M
Great promotional zippered eco-friendly bag affordable for all. Recommend this product and company to all friends and family. Great bag & very durable too.
Review by Lisa G
I bought these bags a couple weeks ago and brought them with me to my last trade show. I can't believe how well they went over. The bag is beautiful and eco-friendly. 5/5 rating for me.

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