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Seed Paper CD/DVD Sleeves

Size: 5" W x 5" H
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Plantable Eco-Friendly Seed Paper CD/DVD Sleeves

Name Seed Paper CD/DVD Sleeves
Size 5" W x 5" H
Available Colors Includes Full Color Imprint
Imprint Area 5" W x 5" H
Key Features
  • Eco-Friendly CD/DVD Sleeves Are Infused with Top Performing Wildflower Seeds
  • Handmade in the USA from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper
  • Ready-to-Plant in Entirety, CD/DVD Sleeves Grow into Wildflowers
  • Seed Paper Infused with USDA-Approved, Non-GMO Seeds
  • Custom Vegetable, Herb and Flower Seed Mixes Available
  • Full Color Printing with All-Natural, Soy-Based Pigments
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Customer Reviews (16)
Review by Emilio S
We customized these just the way we wanted. They came out even better than anticipated. Thank you.
Review by Ronald D
We purchased this item for our business. It's a unique way to get our companies name out there, and to make a difference in our community by going eco-friendly.
Review by Miguel R
Very cool way to promote an eco-friendly product. Customized them just the way I'd hoped. Thank you CEP.
Review by Jonas
We really like the benefits of being able to market ourselves with an Eco-friendly premise.
Review by Marcus L
We purchased this item for our business. We let the customers know to take these home and plant them. They love it!!! It's a unique way to get our companies name out there, and to make a difference in our community.
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Our Seed Paper CD/DVD Sleeves are the perfect way to package your brand media while promoting an eco-friendly presence. An exceptional choice for instructional videos, event coverage or advertising media, your custom designed sleeve will propel the reach of your eco-responsible initiatives. Increase word-of-mouth advertising, brand trust, and market value by investing in your "green" image with our eco-ethical CD/DVD sleeves. Work directly with a member of our in-house design team to determine which design aspects will most accurately capture your brand aesthetic and convey your specific campaign message. An accommodating imprint area of 5" x 5" provides ample space to include a brand name, logo, eco-friendly facts, and initiatives. Affordably promote your investment in the environment with eco-friendly CD/DVD sleeves that are guaranteed to grow into vibrant gardens when planted.

After they've transported your CD or DVD to their personal storage container, customers can plant your eco-friendly CD/DVD sleeve in its' entirety. We only use natural, recycled ingredients to produce our seed paper. At Custom Earth Promos, we take great pride in producing the best seed paper in the industry. Boasting the highest possible germination rates, our seed paper is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper and infused with USDA-approved, non-GMO seeds. Our optional seed paper colors and graphic imprints are rendered with all-natural, soy-based pigments and a proprietary printing process ensures maintained seed germination through each phase of production. This guarantees a top-performing product that is safe for the environment and your customers, free of any potentially dangerous or hazardous chemicals. Promote your brand with an eco-friendly product you can be proud of.


The time is now to take action and promote your brand's eco-ethical production methods, products, and initiatives. Consumers are basing more of their buying decisions on the social and environmental responsibility of competing brands than ever before. Growth rates of "green" segments are outpacing conventional segments in every industry, according to The Small Business Sustainability Report by Green America. The economic benefits of sustainable products are greatly reflected in American investment, with socially responsible assets reaching upwards of $2.3 trillion and producing a 13.2% return compared to the 0.4% return of competitors.

This window to secure long-term profitability, market share value and brand trust has been dubbed the "big green opportunity." As with all business opportunities, the window will not be open for long. The challenge to grow a "green" presence will only become more difficult for brands that don't begin investing in sustainability now. Answer the spiking consumer demand for green products and social responsibility with Seed Paper CD/DVD Sleeves from Custom Earth Promos. Promote your eco-responsible initiatives with a custom graphic imprint and invite customers to join you in the fight to preserve our planet by planting their sleeve.

Additional Details

Custom Earth Promos' Seed Paper DVD/CD Sleeves are embedded with a diverse assortment of top germination rate wildflower seeds. To maintain our high-quality standards, our specialists choose only the best quality USDA-approved, non-GMO seeds. Customers that plant their seed paper CD/DVD sleeves will see a blend of annual and perennial wildflowers including Black-Eyed Susan, Spurred Snapdragon, Cornflower Pink Ball, English Daisy, Zinnia and Scarlet Flax in just 1-3 weeks. Your design expert can also develop a custom seed mix specifically for your order, even selecting seeds that produce custom-colored flowers. This makes it possible to capture your brand aesthetic in both the eco-friendly sleeve and the garden it recycles into!

We'll determine the best printing method for your order, depending on desired style, quantity and time restraints. Seed paper sleeves can be printed on using offset, letterpress, inkjet, and digital techniques, each rendering a varied result. All four available printing methods use only all-natural, soy-based pigments to dye seed paper and render imprints. Our in-house experts can help you select one that works best for your choice of imprint design. Customize your eco-friendly seed paper CD/DVD sleeves to match a current campaign, brand initiative or support an upcoming event. The large imprint area allows a distinct display of your brand name and logo to effectively and affordably promote your eco-friendly business.

Our seed paper is handmade in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled material. After the recycled paper pulp is infused with hardy wildflower seeds, it is laid out to dry in large sheets at our 30 kW solar power facility. We carefully oversee each phase of the production process to ensure germination rates are maintained and that no seeds are damaged. Our proprietary printing process uses spray technology to further guarantee a high-quality and high-performance seed paper product. Seed Paper CD/DVD Sleeves are constructed entirely of recycled, all natural material and produced with a sustainable process that eliminates eco-impact. This is the perfect promotional item to put your "green" foot forward and establish your brand as an eco-responsible industry leader.

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