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Folding Seed Cards

Businesses have many occasions to send out a card and it’s not just during the holidays. Maybe you are hosting an event at an upcoming tradeshow or you want to do a company retreat or perhaps you are just staying in touch with your clients with a thank you card or announcing some changes or specials. Sending a seeded folding card makes an impact and it gives clients and employees alike a reason to feel good about you.

Live Eco News & Updates!

California Water Scramble

Officials in California are considering imposing new water restrictions as the state is plagued by a drought. Residents report that they are being forced to specifically request water at restaurants as well as linens at hotels to conserve water. The state board responsible for controlling water resources is considering extending Read More

Luxury Water in China

The luxury goods market is constantly growing in China, specifically in the burgeoning metropolis of Hong Kong. In recent years with the constantly growing population, concerns over the safety of water and food is greater than ever. Nongfu Spring Co. is one of China’s biggest suppliers of bottled water, and Read More

Recycle & Help Save Our Planet

Recycling goes hand in hand with using eco-friendly, reusable shopping bags. Both of these major decisions show you actually care about Planet Earth and the future of our loved ones and us. There are a plethora of reasons why everyone should reduce, reuse, and recycle. Recycling makes our planet more Read More

Folding Seed Cards Products

Mini Seeded Shape Card - B1 Forest Heart1
as low as $0.37
Colorful seeded paper shape attached to a miniature recycled folding card serves as a clever, plantable gift.
Seeded Die-Cut Folding Card - B2 Dove
as low as $0.89
Colorful seeded paper "jacket" displays your full color artwork through a die-cut window available in over 20 colors and 10 shapes.
Seeded Folding Card - B3 sunflower
as low as $1.05
High quality, full color graphics are printed directly on this premium-textured seed paper greeting card using proprietary print methods.
Seeded Shape Folding Card - B4
as low as $0.73
Thick, seed-embeded paper shapes, available in over 100 styles, are attached to a 100% post-consumer recycled folding card.
Folding Seed Card (B5)
as low as $0.92
Colored seed paper with precision die-cut circles creates "peek-a-boo" windows for showcasing your full color message inside.
Folding Seed Card (B6)
as low as $0.89
Elegant combination of 100% handmade seed paper ornament and a recycled folding card connected by a ribbon, hemp, or adhesive strip.
Seeded Value Folding Card - B7-example2
as low as $0.60
Budget-friendly and fully-plantable, our best selling seed paper folding cards are now available in our value series.
Seeded Premium Folding Card - B8-example3
as low as $2.02
Our largest and heartiest, fully-plantable card grows directly into wildflowers with just a little soil, water, and sunshine.
Seed Holiday Cards - G10
as low as $0.79
Design your own Seeded Holiday Cards, or choose from one of our stylish templates. We also offer custom graphic design services.

A Seeded Folding Card is a Great way to Show you Care about our Planet

Our seed paper uses only the highest quality seed available

Are we nearing the End of the Rainforests?

Deforestation is the process by which old growth forest are cut down and converted to other uses, either for development, paper, farming or ranching. Whether these things in themselves are contributing to global climate change is a hotly debated issue these days, but the bottom line is losing our forest at the rate we are currently destroying them will leave us with no rain forest within 100 years. An area the size of the country of Panama is destroyed every year. Beyond the potential effects on our climate, many species of plants and animals are the collateral damage in our insatiable appetite for development. These same plants and animals represent potential cures to many diseases that plague our world today. Many plants that are being destroyed have not been discovered yet so we risk losing great discoveries that benefit all of mankind in the process.

Today, about 1/3 of our planet’s land is forest, but that is changing quickly and the effects can be devastating in both the short and long term. Areas where forests have been cut down become arid and dry and the plant life that thrived under the trees’ canopy is destroyed. Often times the results don’t justify the means, the dry ground that was once lush now requires constant water to make it viable for farming or ranching which leads to only more issues and consumption of more scarce resources.

Custom Earth Promtos Delivers Flowers and a Positive Message from You!

What better way to show your support of this cause than to give a seeded paper folding card made from 100% recycled paper products that becomes a patch of beautiful wildflowers when placed on the ground and watered! Custom Earth Promos delivers quality made, eco-friendly promotional products business to business. Our fun, creative and colorful products help businesses brand themselves through environmentally friendly promotional products consumers will use over and over again. Products like folding seed paper cards make sense, representing your company’s conviction the exact way you want to. Today's consumers are savvier than ever and will appreciate your decision to promote yourself in a creative manner that is good for the environment. Going green makes business sense! Large custom orders are delivered where and when you need them from our American based warehouses, keeping Americans working. Innovative eco-friendly cards made of different flower seeds will speak volumes to your brand and stature.