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Wholesale Cork USB Memory Drives

Size: 2" W x .90" H
Qty 1 100+ 250+500+1,000+2,500+
Price $2.61 $3.58$3.04$2.87$2.61$2.81
Qty 1 100+ 250+500+1,000+2,500+
Price $2.61 $4.14$3.56$3.36$3.05$2.76
Qty 1 100+ 250+500+1,000+2,500+
Price $2.61 $4.48$3.89$3.66$3.33$3.01
Qty 1 100+ 250+500+1,000+2,500+
Price $2.61 $5.96$5.26$4.95$4.49$3.30
Qty 1 100+ 250+500+1,000+2,500+
Price $2.61 $6.36$5.64$5.31$4.81$4.34
Qty 1 100+ 250+500+1,000+2,500+
Price $2.61 $6.69$5.94$5.60$5.07$4.58
Qty 1 100+ 250+500+1,000+2,500+
Price $2.61 $7.31$6.51$6.13$5.57$5.03
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128 MB
256 MB
512 MB
1 GB
2 GB
4 GB
8 GB
4 or More
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Custom Promotional Cork USB Drive

Name Wholesale Cork USB Memory Drives
Size 2" W x .90" H
Available Colors Cork
Imprint Area .9" W x 2" L
Key Features
  • Made from an Eco-Friendly Lightweight, Cork Material
  • Effective Way to Promote Your Company; A Memorable Memory-Stick!
  • Easy Way to Transport Digital Information
  • Have Your Information Easily Accessible Throughout Your Travels
  • Available in a Variety of Memory Capacities
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Customer Reviews (18)
Review by Shannon A
Bought these in a bulk order for my companies annual giveaway. These really helped us promote our business.
Review by Bryan H
These were the perfect accessory to give out to market my business. The logo you guys designed for us really stood out nicely. Look forward to doing more business with you guys in the future.
Review by Margaret D
A great promotional tool, just the cork gives you a feeling of being earth-friendly.
Review by Noelle K
One of my favorite products from Custom Earth Promos! These promotional Cork USB Drives are perfect for employees and clients! They are a great marketing strategy to use to gain exposure for your company! Thanks again CEP!
Review by Paula
These are awesome! So happy I decide to go with these.
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Custom Earth Promos has now created a memorable product for you to promote your company! Who doesn’t love a portable device to easily transport important digital information? These lightweight eco-friendly USB flash drives are made entirely out of Cork to transport information on-the-go with ease, all while continuously reminding consumers of your amazing company!


Not only are our Cork USB Memory Drives efficient in size and capacity, but they provide the perfect opportunity to promote your company name by supplying your consumers with a useful product. USB flash drives are exceptionally useful for all consumers in the 21st century and are small enough to keep accessible in a pocket for a quick and efficient means of transportation of digital information. You will have the opportunity to design and embed your company logo on the cork to establish a useful good that will continuously remind consumers of your company. In this current generation, everyone appreciates an eco-friendly product and by providing this efficient eco-friendly memory drive, you are ultimately delivering a promising message about your business. Allow your consumers to remember your company name, as they use your reliable product for their own source of memory. Jumpstart the embark on the journey of promoting your company with our ingenious product!

Additional Details

Custom Earth Promos now offers eco-friendly cork USB drives in a variety of memory capacity options for you to customize to your liking. Those options include; 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB. When ordering our USB flash drives please allow up to three weeks for delivery once the order is placed. We have the ability to upload any document or direct link that your company would like to display when the drive is initially plugged in, as a reminder that your company has already benefitted their lives in one way. This simple, yet useful product is by far the most effective way to promote your company name!

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