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Wholesale Jute Totes

Size: 15” W x 15.75” H x 4.75” D
| Thickness: 10 oz

Oz (Ounces), short for "ounces per square yard", is a unit of measurement defining the density of a bag’s material. Thicker bags will have higher oz/yd2 values.

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Eco-Friendly Wholesale Jute Totes

Name Wholesale Jute Totes
Size 15” W x 15.75” H x 4.75” D
Thickness 10 oz
Available Colors Blue, Brown, Green & Pink
Imprint Area 11" W x 5" H
Key Features
  • Constructed from Strong and Durable Jute Material with Interior Lamination
  • Is Reliable in Carrying Weighty Items
  • Suits Both Reuse and Long-Term Use
  • Accommodates Several Items due to Large Size (18.5” W x 15” H)
  • Includes a Pair of Handle Straps for Optimal Carrying Comfort
  • Is a Great Alternative to Conventional Canvas and Plastic Bags
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Customer Reviews (27)
Review by William M
We've been ordering the same model of this bag for months now. Always can rely on CEP to come in clutch.
Review by Bruno M
Great promotional product. I was able to design these just the way I wanted. Really great for my brand.
Review by Lois R
Pleasure doing business with CEP. Great customer support and absolutely adore this bag in particular. Thought it was a great fit for my business and I was SO right!
Review by Joann M
My husband and I love these bags. They are unique and fit for our family business. Got them customized just the way we expected.
Review by Dan V
This is a good bag sold at a good price.
See all 27 customer reviews

We are proud and excited to offer the versatile Jute Totes alongside our popular jute products! Unique in that it contains a matching, stylish wallet, your clients will love displaying this combo wherever they travel, increasing your business reach and influence in the process. Large and durable, your clients will be utilizing this tote for years to come. They will also be proud to tell others about the eco-friendliness of the tote and will allow others to carry the bag in order to demonstrate the supreme comfort afforded by this amazing product.


Our Wholesale Jute Totes offers style, comfort, size, and eco-friendliness all in one package! If you want your business to make a positive statement amongst your clientele and potential clients, look no further than this product! Clients will be impressed by the eye-catching design of your choice, emblazoned brilliantly in a large imprint area and contrasting well with any color you choose for the tote. There is no reason to pass up such a great opportunity to make an impression for your brand and business!

Additional Details

We at Custom Earth Promos are proud to introduce one of the trendiest, most versatile jute products on the market today! Whether shopping at the local market or picnicking out in nature, your clients will be sure to pique the attention of onlookers with this stylish tote bag. Arriving for sale in three distinct colors (Blue, Brown, Green and Pink), the brand design or logo you choose to emblazon on the large 11” W x 5” H imprint area will contrast vividly with any color scheme you opt for.

One of the trademark features of this tote is its voluminous, yet practical, size, at 15” W x 15” H x 4” D. Your clients will have no trouble fitting most items within the spacious confines of this tote, in turn increasing the number of usages and thus the visibility of the tote for those clients out-and-about. In addition to the ample size, this tote’s great value is bolstered by the jute material with which it is constructed. Jute, nicknamed ‘The Golden Fiber,’ has historically been a fiber of great importance due to its lightweight nature coupled with its great tensile strength and durability. You can be assured that this tote can withstand very heavy loads, especially considering it is coated with lamination on its interior. This lamination serves a dual role in that it also allows for easier cleaning and protects against moisture which would otherwise infiltrate the tote. Additionally, the tote is secured by a zippered closure which allows for privacy and safekeeping of all of your clients’ most personal and loose items.

Other notable qualities of this tote are its eco-friendliness, its inherent comfort, and the addition of a matching jute wallet. First, this product is a fantastic eco-conscious alternative to more conventional tote bags made of canvas and plastic. Each tote is biodegradable and does not feature any materials that are harmful to our planet. Second, the Jute Tote includes a pair of handle straps on the tote for optimal carrying comfort. Your clients will look both simultaneously happy and chic!

Custom Options

All bulk orders at Custom Earth Promos are supplied at affordable rates and are handled expertly by our capable, highly-trained production facility. You will not be disappointed in our delivery time, as we handle large quantity orders frequently and are expertly equipped to satisfy any order within the time-frame that you choose. Similarly, you will be ecstatic about the final result with our product, as each Eco-Friendly Wholesale Jute Totes is crafted with the finest quality materials and displays your chosen design with a remarkable vividness and distinctness.

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