Let’s Get Started

We will walk you through each step of the ordering, design and production process. Our dedicated team of “green” branding experts are here to answer your inquiries, elaborate on our earth friendly materials, sustainable production methods and discuss your specific marketing goals. Production and sales experts are available to answer any questions you may have regarding a specific product and/or custom design options. Call 1-866-454-6949 or email [email protected] to spark up a conversation with one of our friendly in-house experts. We will walk you through each step of the process and guarantee an easy, enjoyable experience from start to finish. Our superior product construction and manufacturing methods ensure an exceptional quality product that effectively adds eco-friendly value to your brand image.

We have about 30 different ink colors in stock to choose from. We can closely match any logo color and can even create a custom Pantone color match. Our overseas custom bags can be produced using any PMS you desire.

If you need a custom logo or graphic created to print on your bag, we’re the ones to see. Our in-house design department is dedicated to assisting you in every way possible. Although we do not typically charge for simple edits, a custom design is available for as low as $30. Call today to speak with a talented designer and make your campaign vision a reality!

How much for second color/side imprint?

Additional color imprints and locations range between $0.30 - $0.55 per color / location for domestic orders.

Overseas orders are eligible for discounted rates. Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable Custom Earth Promos sales reps for specific pricing information. 


How do I get started on my order?

We make it easy, convenient and fun to build brand exclusive designs for eco-friendly promotional products. Our exquisite quality collection of fully customizable and earth-friendly products guarantees the success and optimized exposure of your ad campaign or branding initiative, while also adding eco-conscious value to your brand image. Tangible acts of positive environment impact are proven to secure loyalty among eco-conscious customers, attract prospects, secure long term profitability and increase market share value. Invest in the continued success of your brand with an effective and affordable product that you’ll be proud to have representing your business and better positioning your brand as a “green” industry leader.

What is the minimum quantity for orders?

The minimum order for in-stock production items is typically 100 pieces.

The minimum order for overseas production items is typically 500-1000 pieces, depending on the product.

Are there rush services available?

Yes! We are able to produce certain bags in as little as 24 hours, other bags are available on a 2 and 3 day rush.
We are experts at working with tight deadlines, if time is short don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Delivery and Shipping

How long will it take to receive my bags?

We utilize 2 different manufacturing methods to fulfill your order of custom designed reusable bags. We either print them domestically or utilize overseas production, depending on the specifications of your order.

Domestic production takes an average of 5 - 7 business days. After production is complete, shipping transit time is provided in 1-4 days.

Overseas production takes an estimated 90 days. Expedited delivery via air freight is available for an additional fee.

Can I pick up my printed order instead of paying for shipping?

Please note that while transparency is our pledge, our factory information, including but not limited to its physical address is considered proprietary in nature and will not be disclosed.

Products and Pricing

Does the price include my logo on the bag?

All prices include the first logo imprint color and location for free. Additional colors and locations are available at an additional charge. We even offer full color “photo quality” transfers.

What are my payment terms?

In-Stock Orders – Clients are required to pay for the entire balance of their invoice when their order is placed. Custom Earth Promos may offer special payment terms on a case-by-case basis depending upon our client’s needs. If you require special payment terms, you must request so in writing prior to placing your order.

Overseas Orders – Clients are required to pay at least a 50% deposit when their order is placed. The remaining balance is due when the product arrives at the US port. Custom Earth Promos may offer special payment terms on a case-by-case basis depending upon our client’s needs. If you require special payment terms, you must request so in writing prior to placing your order. Storage fees may apply if payment is not satisfied in full once the goods are ready to ship.

What does GSM mean?

GSM stands for “Grams per Square Meter”. It is a unit of measurement that describes the material thickness of a bag. Many of our bags range from 80 GSM - 238 GSM. If you would like more info about material thickness and options, please contact us for a free sample!

When the website says "as low as $0.65", how do I get those low prices?

Our bag prices depend on how many are being ordered. As order quantity increases, price per bag decreases. The displayed “as low as” price reflects our lowest custom overseas order pricing. Our knowledgeable representative will help guide you to the best deal for your needs.

We love saving our clients money!


I'm tax exempt, how do I receive pricing without tax?

If your organization is tax exempt, please send your tax exemption certification to [email protected] and we will provide pricing that excludes tax.

If a customer does not submit their tax-exempt form at the time of purchase, we allow them up to 30 days to submit it for reimbursement.  If it has been more than 30 days, please contact your local county to request sales tax reimbursement.

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