Easy Order Guarantee

Custom Earth Promos provides our clients with full-scale customizations and complete manufacturing capabilities. With the best of both worlds, you can truly create any promotional item from scratch, building a brand-tailored design from the ground up with one of our experienced, in-house design experts. We have a streamlined process that eliminates the need for a middleman at any point in the order fulfillment process. This would create the burden of unnecessary costs, potential mistakes or order fulfillment delays.

To eliminate this risk and ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers, we proudly invest a great deal of time and energy to hands-on manufacturing. This also helps us to excel as a team and individually in tactics of efficiency,time management, various printing methods, embossing techniques and so much more. Hands-on manufacturing better prepares the Custom Earth Promos team to serve your promotional and branding needs in the future. You’ll be impressed by our highly competitive pricing, which is well below that of wholesale competitors. Our impressive affordability is coupled with the highest quality production methods to render a durable, exquisite quality product built to represent your name in eco-elegant excellence. Build just one custom order with us and see for yourself!

Beyond our unique capabilities and experience with clients large and small, Custom Earth Promos was founded on the idea that marketing can be environmentally friendly. We believe that by promoting a socially and environmentally responsible brand mission on an eco-friendly medium adds immense “green” power to any promotion. Our belief in the brand benefits of eco-optimized marketing is constantly reinforced, as global surveys like the “Big Green Opportunity” confirm that consumers worldwide are demanding “green” products and sustainable production methods from brands competing for their business.

Recent innovations have produced a wide range of promotional products that open windows of opportunity to complement the eco-friendly ad campaigns of brands serving virtually any industry. Our creative collection of earth-friendly promotional items includes an assortment of custom reusable bags, seed paper, eco-friendly lanyards, USB drives, recycled umbrellas, journals, and pens. Each and every product is manufactured with superior quality product construction and made with eco-friendly materials that support a sustainable future. Many of the products on our website are produced domestically in U.S. factories. Custom design orders are generally manufactured overseas. All orders are processed and managed by our U.S. headquarters to ensure unsurpassed customer care for each and every customer.