Reusable Shopping Bags Made from Recycled Materials

Not only are our totes beautiful, most of the bags we carry are made by sustainable methods and include recycled materials. The recycled content of our green grocery and gift bags ranges from 20% to 100% depending on the material you choose. That means each time you use a Custom Earth Promos reusable bag you are both making use of and preventing new single-use plastic bags from entering landfills.

Promotional Tote Bags Branded with Your Logo

Small businesses, large brand names, and non-profit organizations alike can benefit from partnering with the Custom Earth Promos’ team of branding experts. We’ll guide you through our wide selection of reusable grocery, tote, folding, wine, and gift bags to find the exact size and features needed. Plus, our free logo placement, graphic design, and illustration advice with every custom order ensures your marketing project becomes a success. Whether you’re looking for a simple, one-color imprint or your artwork is colorful, detailed and elaborate, we have the solution to build an amazing bag within your budget.

Wholesale Printed Grocery Bags Manufactured in Bulk

Custom Earth Promos is a direct supplier of premium custom reusable bags as well as many other environmentally-friendly promotional items. Since we own and operate the factory, you may notice our prices are extremely low and out-compete distributor companies. That’s because we create and print several million eco-friendly bags annually and have the production facilities and personnel in place to pass on the bulk savings to you. Start with a small order of our custom shopping bags and once you’re hooked, try ordering in bulk to take advantage of our large volume discounts.

Eco-Friendly Insulated Coolers and Lunch Bags

Instead of “brown-bagging” and throwing away your lunch bag everyday, make a commitment to the environment and tote around one of Custom Earth Promos’ stylish eco-friendly cooler bags. Insulated linings helps your food stay fresh longer and throw in and ice-pack and your beverages will be cold for hours. Try our popular Monster Cooler Bag for your grocery shopping trips. Not only do the heavy-duty thermal totes transport food more safely by keeping cold and perishable items at refrigerated temperatures, the cooler bags can hold, on average, 4-5 disposable plastic bags worth of groceries.

Stainless Steel, Glass and BPA-Free Bottles

Staying hydrated is an easy way to improve your health and happiness. Carrying a reusable water bottle when you’re on the go is an effective way to remind yourself to drink the recommended 8 glasses per day. With many reasons to stay away from disposable plastic bottled water – it’s expensive, can contain phthalates and toxins, and is bad for the planet – it’s no surprise that reusable bottles are an everyday necessity. Custom Earth Promos can help your company promote sustainability while also providing you with a budget-priced marketing piece. Check out our rugged and durable stainless steel bottles and travel mugs or the newest selection of glass bottles that resist stains, taste, and odors like nothing else on the market.

Biodegradable Organic Cotton, Jute, Hemp and Canvas Totes

If you’ve done your homework on reusable bags, you may have learned that biodegradable bags make sense for long-term use and result in minimal use of Earth’s resources. Jute and hemp totes are among the greenest eco bags available due to the fact that the plants from which they’re made can be grown naturally, organically without the use of pesticides and with minimal chemical processing. Cotton or canvas bags are another amazing biodegradable and earth-friendly choice because their smooth surface allows for detailed and colorful logos and patterns to decorate them in unique and creative ways. Ask for a free virtual image of your company’s logo to see how Custom Earth Promos’ advanced printing and graphic design services can turn your ideas into powerful, mobile advertisements on our award-winning eco-friendly and durable bags.