How Do We Offer Such Low Prices?

Before we answer "Why", let’s start with "How".

How Do You Offer Such Low Prices?

Custom Earth Promos is empowered with the ability to sell directly to our diverse client base. Each and every custom designed order we receive is fulfilled by our talented team of design, efficiency, business, and sustainability experts with a price tag far more attractive than industry competitors. This is because we have the distinct advantage of being able to sell directly to our clients. By removing the need for a middleman at any point of our design, manufacturing and shipping process, we are able to produce goods that are sold directly to our clients. Our production savings are passed directly to you.

And now, the “Why.”

Why Do You Offer Such Low Prices? 

Why exactly are Custom Earth Promos eco-friendly products so cheap? Well, it’s actually quite simple. Since we produce our own environmentally ethical promotional products, we generally do business and fulfill orders in bulk. Rather than focusing our energy on making the most profit on each order placed, we pass the cumulative production savings on to our clients. Our dedication to helping brands grow with “green” presence and making socially responsible purchases easier is the reason so many of our first sales are the beginnings of long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. For that, we are eternally grateful to our customers and continuously strive to outdo ourselves with innovative customizations and eco-friendly materials that guarantee to optimize your eco-friendly exposure and best position your brand as a “green” industry leader.

The unfortunate reality is that many companies have cut promotional marketing budgets. That is why it is absolutely vital to get the most for every marketing dollar you invest. This is particularly important because eco-responsible image and sustainable production methods have never been more important to your customers or more potentially valuable to your business. To secure future success in long-term profitability, customer loyalty and market share growth, it is essential to build an eco-friendly association. At Custom Earth Promos, we not only understand this, it is our founding business model. Our custom reusable shopping bags, i.e., are an affordable and effective branding tool to further your eco-conscious exposure and increase positive brand recognition. Our unbeatable prices are the best in the industry. If for any reason you find a similar product at a lower price, simply bring it to our attention and we will match or beat our competitors' best offer.

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