Summer is the most popular time to move for most families and even businesses. However, moving is a major hassle. Even if you hire a mover and they do most of the work for you, you need to pack the house. These four summer moving tips will make it easy for you to get ready and open the door to a house that is ready to move to a new location.

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Recycled Moving Bags

Don’t shove everything into a box or plastic bag. Recycled moving bags are eco-friendly and much easier to use. Plus, you can stack them almost like boxes when you have heavy or solid items inside them. These bags are also helpful if you are trying to pack items that do not normally go in boxes.

Reusable Shopping Bags for Clothing

During your move, it can be hard to get all your clothes in the places you want them to go. Packing them in boxes makes no sense, but you don’t have enough luggage for all those items. Reusable shopping bags from Custom Earth Promos are easy to pack and unpack. That means you can lay the clothes down and set them in the new room to be unpacked quickly.

The Last Minute Items

The last minute items in your house have nowhere to go, but you need to bring them with you. What do you do? Reusable shopping bags made from recycled materials will hold up to all the heavy items you are packing. Plus, these bags become a sort of “last option” as you try to grab the final few things in the house. You can unpack whenever, and you just unzip or open the bag to see what’s inside.

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