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Recycled (RPET) Bags

Promote your business by showing off your logo on our custom printed recycled bags! These top quality, eco friendly totes are comprised of recycled consumer material and are coated with a sleek laminate finish. Unlock unlimited customization options using our overseas production! With a full color edge-to-edge imprint it will be impossible for your brand to go unnoticed. In-stock production is also available for a swift two week turnaround time. Order today to promote your business while saving the planet!

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Promote your brand with an earth friendly product made from recycled plastic bottles

Recycled Bags Have a Positive Impact on The Environment

The production and disposal of plastic bottles creates terrifying amounts of pollution and post-consumer waste each year. To meet America’s annual demand of 50 billion water bottles, 17 million barrels of fossil fuel are burned in production and only 20% of those bottles are recycled. In addition to the harmful emissions created by burning oil, the disposal of 38 million plastic bottles creates a massive amount of excess waste. Discarded plastic becomes the burden of landfills, streets, lakes, rivers and oceans, slowly releasing toxic chemicals that threaten the environment and marine life. By using plastic #5 to manufacture customizable Recycled Bags, we are inspiring eco-conscious initiatives that will help to reduce waste, sustain our environment and save oceanic ecosystems.

Recycled Bags Have a Positive Impact on Your Brand

Our Recycled Bags collection provides an eclectic selection of superior quality totes, each with full customization to embody the look and feel of your brand. Choose a traditional, understated design or boldly render a full-bleed display of your company name and logo to ensure optimal exposure. Leave a lasting eco-friendly impression at networking events and trade shows. Design a brand exclusive order of custom recycled bags for promotional giveaways and marketing campaigns. Eco-conscious customers will become brand advocates as they carry your bags to school, work and on daily errands. Empower your advertising efforts with custom Recycled Bags. Promote your positive environmental efforts, attract new prospects, secure customer loyalty and increase long-term profitability with a product you can be proud of.