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Bamboo Lanyards

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lanyards made from strong bamboo a natural and rapidly renewable resource

Bamboo Lanyards

Bamboo Lanyards are a stylish and sustainable alternative to traditional nylon. Bamboo is every bit as strong as synthetic counterparts, yet is an entirely natural and rapidly renewable material. Bamboo has been clocked as the fastest growing and largest grass on the earth. Certain bamboo species are able to grow up to 3 feet in a 24 hour period! The bamboo used to create our lanyards is grown organically and requires minimal water, minimizing any negative environmental impact.  

Custom Earth Promos is a value based company whose focus is to make promotional products from sustainable or recycled materials. Bamboo Lanyards are an eco-responsible branding tool to ensure your customers will take notice of your "green" brand investment in helping the environment. Traditional lanyards require the burning of crude oil to render custom logos. Show customers you care more about the environment and their safety by choosing an eco-friendly product that is free of any dangerous chemicals or dyes, leaving a positive and lasting impression of  your socially and environmentally responsible brand. 

Business incentives to “go green” are on the rise and it’s likely government mandates will be too. Using a natural bamboo lanyard every day to show your ID badge or easily locate your keys can be a powerful reminder to your employees or colleagues to make planet-wise decisions. You can even print a reminder to bring your reusable bags or unplug your electronics to incorporate green habits at the workplace. Contact Custom Earth Promos today for similar ideas or fast, friendly quotes.