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Recycled Paper Bags

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Build eco-conscious brand image with Custom Earth Promos Recycled Paper Bags

Recycled Paper Bags Support Sustainability

Custom Earth Promos' Recycled Paper Bags support a sustainable future while promoting your brand in eco-friendly style. The reuse and recycling of lumber is a green initiative which helps to conserve resources, reduce waste and preserve our planet for future generations every day. By using 100% recycled paper to construct our eco-friendly paper bags, we ensure that no trees are cut down in the production process and reduce air pollution by 95%.

Recycled Paper Bags Promote Eco-Responsibility

Build brand image with “green” power by publicizing the eco-responsibility of your brands with custom Recycled Paper Bags. During the modern day "Big Green Movement," 50% of global consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands with sustainable production methods and eco-conscious products. Businesses serving all sectors face a golden window of opportunity to position themselves as eco-responsible industry leaders. Design a custom order of Recycled Paper Bags with our expert in-house design team. Strengthen your brand image with positive environmental impact.